How to Sell On Facebook Marketplace | Sell On Facebook Marketplace Free Of Charge

How to Sell On Facebook Marketplace
How to Sell On Facebook Marketplace is what we will be covering during the course of this article. Yes, here, we will show you how to sell on facebook marketplace without friends seeing if that is what you want to achieve.
Interestingly, the processes involved in how to sell on facebook marketplace as a business are pretty easy and can be carried out on the giant social media platform.
Thus, if you are a facebook user and searching for a tutorial on Sell On Facebook Marketplace Free Of Charge, this article has gotten you covered. Keep reading below…
How to Sell On Facebook Marketplace | Sell On Facebook Marketplace Free Of Charge: Sell On Facebook – There are various mediums, open to marketers, small and big businesses, companies, to sell on Facebook.
How to Sell On Facebook Marketplace | Sell On Facebook Marketplace Free Of Charge
The Facebook platform, is a perfect place, for social shopping opportunity, as people can socialize, shop, and share on this unique platform.

Sell On Facebook Benefits

  • Selling on Facebook gives your customers a way of finding, following, and liking your page and posts on the Facebook platform.
  • Offers an array of free marketing opportunities
  • Enables you sell your product offerings, to Facebook’s huge audience of more than 1.7 billion users from the convenience of your Facebook page
  • Opens your business up to a wide array of budget-minded advertising tools. Facebook, offers a couple of apps, which marketers can use to sell on it’s platform.

Let’s take a look, and see how it works. Facebook Marketplace Facebook Marketplace is an app, that allows your advertisement to appear in classified advertising format.

How to Sell On Facebook Marketplace

Tips for Selling on Facebook Marketplace

  • All items displayed for Sale on Marketplace must conform to Facebook Commerce Policies.
  • To mark an item as “Free”, you are to enter 0 as the price. To successfully sell on Facebook Marketplace ;
  • Navigate to, and tap on “Marketplace” in the left column of News Feed
  • As the field opens, key in a title for your listing, the price, your location, and a category for the item
  • Next, click on the +10 photos option, to upload a photo of your item from your computer
  • Lastly, tap on “Post”.

If the “Post” option is grayed out, you are to include a title, price, location, photo and category.

Facebook Store

The Facebook Store feature offers marketers the opportunity to create a shopping experience on their timeline. The Facebook Store app is displayed as a tab, which enables you to display merchandise, or sell products and services, with your store having as many items as you wish.

How to Sell On Facebook Store

To Set up your Business Facebook page, do the following:

  • Upload product data, and link a payment processor straight to your Facebook shop for free
  • Make use of a paid or free eCommerce platform, that does this for you, and enables you sell products on your own website, blogs, as well as on other social channels, too.
  • Create products, and link same, to your Facebook shop, by uploading good images of your products, detailed product descriptions, product size, and weight details and product numbers or inventory SKU numbers.
  • The store information you should also specify are, Store contact information, customer service & privacy policy, shipping rates, and policy and “About Us” details

Now that your products are already listed, primed and ready for promotion to your Facebook followers and other potential customers, you can easily choose certain products or categories to promote thru Facebook posts and ads.

Action Terms and Phrases

You don’t only need apps and widgets to sell on Facebook, you can create action terms and phrases, to post on your wall, to lead your community to your website. You can share news about a sale, new merchandise, or a discount on your wall to enable you to sell on Facebook.

How to sell on Facebook Marketplace Without Friends Seeing

If you have posted your item for sale on facebook marketplace and don’t want your friends to know about it, you don’t have to share the item on your timeline, pages as well as groups that your friends have joined with you.

By doing that, you will be selling on facebook marketplace without your friends seeing it.

That is it on How to Sell On Facebook Marketplace | Sell On Facebook Marketplace Free Of Charge.

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