Facebook News Feed Settings – How To Manage What Show Up in News Feed

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Facebook News Feed Settings – How To Manage What Show Up in News Feed: Facebook News Feed settings allow you to personalize your experience of discovering new content in the middle of the homepage. For instance, you can control the type of content you want to see on your homepage. See: Facebook marketplace

Facebook News Feed Settings – How To Manage What Show Up in News Feed

Based on the fact that the News Feed comprises of contents posted or update posted by friends, page, group which includes photos, videos, app, status and more.

Furthermore, Facebook news feed settings give you the ability to create a comfortable and convenient means of getting up with the latest stories from around the world. As well all know, News Feed is regarded as one of the social network features that deliver posted content for you to view.

Hence, the social networking site makes use of the News Feed to help businesses showcase their platform on Facebook across different devices. Moreover, there are certain things you can do with Facebook news feed settings.

Features of the Facebook News Feed Setting Preferences

However, there are different features to the Facebook News Feed preferences. Keep in mind, you can regard the News Feed settings as News Feed preferences. Above all, this helps you control your homepage based on how you want to look like or what you want to see.

Priorities who to see first:

This allows you to personalize the post you want to see first from pages you follow, friends, and groups you joined. This enables posts to appear that the top of the page on your News Feeds.

Unfollow People and groups to hide their posts:

If you are frustrated about irrelevant posts from friends, page or groups. This aspect allows you to select people, page and groups that you don’t want to see the post anymore.

Reconnect with people and groups you’ve unfollowed:

Perhaps you want to reconsider people you actually put a stop or people you don’t want to see their post anymore. From this part of the setting, you can click to reconnect with them back again.

Manage your snooze settings

However, this is the last part of the Facebook News Feed preferences and it allows you to restart, stop or add more time to your snoozes. However, in case you are involved in activities like hiding apps from News Feed, you can click the See more options.

How to View and Adjust Facebook News Feed Preference

Therefore, in other to access the Facebook News Feed settings, this can be done on the mobile app or the web platform. Access the settings on the web by first of all accessing your account with the link www.facebook.com.

Then click the drop-down and select Preferences, also on the homepage, locate the feature “News Feed”. Afterward, click on the three-dotted lines and select Edit Preferences.

While on the mobile app, just ensure that your account is active meaning online. Hence, access the Facebook account settings, scroll down and click on the option “News Feed Preferences.

In conclusion, from the News Feed setting, you can set your news feed to Most Recent or Top Stories.

Your Facebook News Feed preferences help you control what you see on your News Feed. Click in the top right. Select Settings and Privacy > News Feed Preferences. Customize your News Feed.

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