Dell Computers Are a Green Choice


In today’s society, many are encouraged to ‘go green’ and help save our planet’s resources. These days our society is focusing on reusing, reducing, and recycling materials. Dell computers are a great choice for those who want to become more eco-friendly. There are many different things about Dell computers that qualify them as ‘green’.

One thing that qualifies Dell computers is what they’re made of. The company consistently finds new ways to incorporate recycled materials into their products, as well as less harmful materials. Much of the plastic used to make Dell computers is recycled material, as well as the plastic used in their packaging. They have also replaced many of the harmful chemicals used to produce their computers with less harmful and/or harmless materials. One major step they took was introducing more computers with LCD screens which reduce the usage of mercury.

Another great thing about Dell computers is the packaging that they come in. Besides using recycled plastic, Dell also uses bamboo when packaging their computers. The bamboo is biodegradable and is a natural, renewable resource. Bamboo also has a lot of tensile strength, which makes it ideal for packaging and protecting the computers.

Not only are the products that Dell creates eco-friendly, but also the way in which their products are manufactured. The company is one of the top five purchasers of renewable energy in the U.S. and is number one when it comes to the computer industry. Dell also strives to reduce their water usage. Many Dell facilities have installed more efficient water fixtures, as well as re-using water for landscaping irrigation after it is treated by on-site sewage treatment facilities. Dell also does not create any industrial wastewater.

Outside of creating and shipping their products, Dell is also eco-friendly in the fact that they have set up a partnership with Goodwill which encourages people to donate their old computer equipment, no matter what brand, in order to help people in economic crises. To find a drop-off center near you, click here. Dell has also partnered with The Conservation Fund and to help the Plant a Tree Program. This program uses donations to plant trees in areas that have been deforested in order to offset greenhouse gas emissions. If you would like to make a donation, you can do so here.

It’s clear that when it comes to going green, Dell has a lot to offer. They strive to continue making their company more energy efficient and eco-friendly in every way possible. To learn more about how Dell is making a difference in the environment, visit

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