Mozilla’s Rapid Release Schedule for Firefox Comes Under Scrutiny

Mozilla FirefoxMozilla’s new rapid release schedule for its Firefox internet browser, which was created as a positive thing for the company, has come under a lot of scrutiny in the past few weeks and even more fuel was added to the fire over the weekend to make things even worse.

The criticism this time came from a former volunteer for the project, Tyler Downer. Downer recently left the project after three years after becoming increasingly frustrated with what he describes as a “broken” triage process for finding and fixing bugs.

According to a blog post from Downer, “Triage as we know it today is NOT ready to handle the Rapid Release process.” Under the old model, with which a new major version of the browser would be released once every year, “triage had a bit more time to go through a massive pile of bugs to find regressions and issues, and there was a pretty good chance that most bugs would get caught just because we had time on our side, and we could afford to miss a bug for six weeks, because we would most likely get around to it,” Downer added.

However, Downer asserts that with the new, faster process, triage has been caught off guard. “We currently have 2,598 [unconfirmed] bugs in Firefox that haven’t been touched in 150 days. That is almost 2,600 bugs that have not been touched since Firefox 4 was released. And how many more bugs have been touched but not really triaged or worked on? Every day this number grows.”

Despite his comments, however, Downer did make a point to note that he wasn’t criticizing the rapid release process itself. “I love the idea of rapid release. Rapid release is going to be awesome if done properly. I have always been so frustrated by the continual late releases that hold back awesome new features from the web.”

In addition to that, Downer also added that he doesn’t think the situation is hopeless. “I have been in talks over the past few days, and I see a good possibility that Mozilla means business in improving triage.” However, when Downer decided to leave, it was due to a general lack of interest in doing anything substantial to improve the triage process.

Source: PC World – Firefox’s Rapid Release Schedule Draws More Blame

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