Toshiba Introduces Tiny Enterprise Hard Drives

Toshiba MK01GRRBToshiba’s Storage Products Business Unit has just announced a high-capacity 2.5″ high-performance enterprise-class drive. Known as the Toshiba MK01GRRB/R series, this drive supports the exacting requirements for compute-intensive environments witha 15,000 RPM spin speed, a 6Gb/s SAS interface and a maximum capacity of 300GB1. In addition to that, this drive also offers drive-based encryption in order to help companies manage data security.

According to Vice President of Marketing at Toshiba’s Storage Products Business Unit Joel Hagberg, “Enterprise customers are increasingly satisfying their performance and capacity needs with power efficient small form factor drives. Enterprise drives with the latest self-encryption features are helping data centers to more cost-effectively achieve compliance with information security mandates. Toshiba small form factor enterprise drives deliver the performance, capacity and security features IT administrators require for today’s mission critical server storage and cloud appliance markets.”

The third-generation 2.5-inch 15,000 RPM enterprise drives leverage an enhanced power condition state that reduces the spin of your hard drive in idle states. In addition to that, it also significantly lowers power consumption which also means lower heat dissipation, increasing system stability and less energy usage. As a part of Toshiba’s commitment to improved security, this drive also features self-encryption technology that is designed for the Trusted Computing Group “Enterprise SSC” specification.

According to John Rydning, IDC’s Research Vice President for Hard Disk Drives, “Increasing the capacity of the 2.5-inch enterprise class HDDs is expanding the market opportunity for this form factor given its inherent power and data density advantages as compared to 3.5-inch models. Toshiba’s new MK01GRRB/R series drives give server and storage system customers the capacity they want with the performance they need, as well as the ability to secure data on the drive with Toshiba’s SED technology option.” Shipments of the Toshiba MK01GRRB/R Series are scheduled to begin in volume in Q1 2012.

Source: Engadget – Toshiba introduces tine enterprise hard drives with big speed and big storage

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