How to make a wallet backup on blockchain wallet

How do I make a wallet backup? Hey there. Looking for a guide on how to do wallet backup? We’ll be showing you in this post how you can go about this. The procedure is very simple and with what we shall be sharing with you here, you shall be able to get this task done with ease. So, endeavour to read this post with a keen attention. 
Blockchain Security Center Guide covers the backup process in more detail with step-by-step screenshots. For a less detailed explanation, keep following below. 
How to make a wallet backup on blockchain wallet
To make a wallet backup, log on to and then go to Settings -> Security, and Backup Phrase at the right. You can choose to print the recovery sheet template Blockchain team created, or use your own template. 
Go to Next Step to begin writing down the phrase. Each step will show you 4 words at a time. Ensure you write them exactly as they appear, and in the proper order. 
Click Next 4 Words to continue until you’ve written all 12 words down. 
Next, go to Final Step, where you’ll be asked to type in several of your recovery words to make sure you’ve written them down correctly. 
Click on Finish, and your wallet is now backed up. If you ever need to restore access to your wallet, click here to use your Recovery Phrase. 
Please note, your recovery phrase doesn’t apply to any imported addresses. If you have funds stored under Imported Addresses that you want to make sure you can also recover, use the Transfer All option to the right of Imported Addresses to move them.

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