Surveys: 73% of Russians Will Increase Crypto Investments

Surveys: 73% of Russians Will Increase Crypto Investments: A recent survey shows that 49% of Russians want to receive cryptocurrency as gifts, with a large percentage specifying bitcoin. As cryptocurrencies grow in popularity, another survey reveals 73% of Russian investors expect to increase their cryptocurrency holdings next year. 
49% Want Crypto Gifts Russian technology portal Hi-Tech Mail conducted its traditional pre-New Year’s poll on what gifts Russians want to receive.
With over 20,000 respondents participating, the company found: “When answering the question about the desire to receive a cryptocurrency as a gift, the opinions of the respondents were equally divided: 29% [said they] would be happy with such a prospect, another 20% specified that it must necessarily be bitcoin.” 
Meanwhile, 51% of respondents said they prefer to receive something else such as smartphones and other gadgets. 
73% to Increase Crypto Holdings Next Year 
Interest in cryptocurrency has been growing in Russia. A global survey of 700 crypto investors conducted in November by Waves Platform indicates that, globally, 27% of investors believe that Japan will become the global leader in cryptocurrencies next year. 
According to Waves’ Gleb Kostarev, 15% believe that Russia will take lead and the same percentage believe South Korea will. 14% believe the US will be the leader in this field. 
Surveys: 73% of Russians Will Increase Crypto Investments
Among Russian respondents, 39% believe that Japan will take the lead. 32% believe Russia will and 12% believe it will be the U.S. Furthermore, almost 89% of all surveyed Russians purchase cryptocurrencies as long-term investments, Financial One reported. Only 24% invest for short-term gains while 22% invest out of interest. 
Citing that 59% of domestic crypto investors consider the risk of losing funds to be moderate, and 25% consider it high, Waves’ CEO and founder Alexander Ivanov was quoted by the publication: “Despite the fears of many experts about the formation of a bubble in the market of cryptocurrencies, Russians do not intend to reduce their investments in this type of asset. 
73% of respondents noted that in the coming year they will increase their cryptocurrency investments.” 
Meanwhile, the central bank and the finance ministry submitted the bill to regulate cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs) in Russia on Thursday. 
The bank refuses to recognize bitcoin as a means of payment and the finance ministry proposed considering it “other property.” The bill is expected to be adopted in March. 

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