PRO Coin: Here’s How PRO Coin Works

PRO – Professional Retail Offering – ProCurrency is designed for the everyday consumer in mind by making it simple to use on a daily basis. We focus on solutions for consumers and businesses by rewarding them for utilizing cryptocurrency in their everyday life. 
The technology around PRO helps the masses experience cryptocurrency without it seeming overly complicated.
PRO is the gateway to cryptocurrency. PRO aims to be one of the most recognized mainstream coins through our 2 phase system. 
PRO Coin: Here's How PRO Coin Works
ProCurrency is one of the fastest transactable currencies in the cryptocurrency market making it suitable for commerce.

PRO is continuing to build lasting relationships and grow community involvement in blockchain technology. Participate in the PRO movement today.

PRO Rewards 
When consumers shop at some of their favorite online retailers they for the first time receive PRO Rewards that are redeemable for ProCurrency.

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Once they experience what it’s like receive PRO Rewards for free as a rebate by shopping, they will discover why PRO is far more exciting than traditional cash back.

PRO’s applications will bring mass awareness, engagement, and distribution for cryptocurrencies. There are 2 phases of development that have distinct purposes for both consumers and businesses. 

Phase 1 is a gateway for the masses to adopt cryptocurrency into their everyday life.

Phase 2 will enhance the way people use and exchange cryptocurrency in a simple way.
Coin Distribution 
ProCurrency’s distribution is designed in a way to bring the masses into the cryptocurrency realm. PRO have provided a certain amount of coins available for our Pro Rewards incentive program through our apps. The coins will slowly be issued for the purpose of rewards as the users start using the apps and platforms.

PRO have provided a structure of how the coins are allocated and to inform you of where the majority of the currency is held and what it’s designed for.

The coins reserved for the PRO Rewards app are the designated coins designed to be redeemable for those that shop and earn PRO Rewards as a rebate.

The coins in escrow are held by developers for the purpose releasing them as the apps are launched and will be used strictly for the purpose of incentives within the app’s eco system.

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