Facebook Online Store | How to Create a Facebook Online Store


Facebook Online Store | How to Create a Facebook Online Store:

Do you know what Facebook online store is? In this post, you’ll see an in-depth guide on how to create a facebook online store and what the concept entails.

We’ll get started with what Facebook online store and then proceed with the step by step guide on how to create a Facebook online store from the comfort of your devices. Happy reading…

Facebook Online Store | How to Create a Facebook Online Store

Facebook Online Store: A Facebook Online Store is a platform meant for marketers and business owners who want to showcase and display their goods and products within an app on a Facebook page.

Using this online store in the popular social networking site, Facebook is a very easy medium for your friends, fans, and customers to search for, share and buys your products and items without leaving their app.

It allows retailers and marketers to promote their businesses to a large amount of audience without paying large expenses. By creating a store on Facebook, marketers and business owners are able to;

1. Make new sales
2. Make their friends, fans and customers familiar with their goods and products
3. Provide their fans and customers with promotion and deals of their brands and its products
4. Award people who publicly recommend their brand and its products

Facebook is just the perfect channel for marketers and business owners to market their goods, products, and services together with all the marketing power and influence that is being provided by Facebook.

Facebook’s ecosystem has been expanding over time to an online store platform where buyers and customers can purchase their favorite items while using their facebook account!

Benefits of a Facebook Online Store 

Having this Facebook Online Store helps you sell directly to fans and customers on Facebook, so it is time for you to create a store in order to give the people just what they want; your products!

Here are some benefits of using this store to sell your items directly.

Creating a store takes just a few clicks 

To create a store, you need to create a facebook page first, then from here, you can install your store on the page. Once it is installed, your items and products go live on the page. It is easy.

– Your fans and customers are always around

Adding your store to your page makes it easy for your customers to purchase your items instantly. All they have to do is click on your “Store” tab and get started with your products.

– You handle everything with just one account.
– There is smart analytics available for you to manage your fans and customers

Your analytics dashboard keeps you informed on where your customers do come from and also the ones who come directly from facebook.

– Reward your fans and customers with discounts on sales.
– Keep reminding your customers about the products you have got on sales.

Your sales cannot go up on its own, so by reminding your fans about your products, you are boosting your chances of sales.

How to Create a Facebook Online Store 

For you to gain access to this store platform, you must have a Facebook page, and then install your store.

There are various ways of creating a virtual store on the famous social networking site, Facebook.

Now, let us quickly look at the easiest way to set up your own Facebook Online Store.

1. Open your facebook app and access your facebook page.
2. Click on the “shop” button by the left side of the page or go to the “settings” section of the page and switch on the “shop” tab then save.
3. Configure the template of the shop.
4. Set up the shop – you will be prompted to decide what happens next when your fans and user click on your items and products. Two options will be given to you, choose one of the two.
5. Choose the currencies for your sales.
6. Add a description for your shop.
7. Add images of your products, the size, colors and other details.
8. Create offers for your shop. It is so easy.

Just follow the procedures to set up the shop, then you start adding your products for sale to the store by clicking on “Add products”, interact and communicate with your customers and so much more.

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