Facebook Messenger Ludo Club Free Hacks And Tricks

Let’s get started with Facebook Messenger Ludo Club Free Hacks And Tricks. Looking for a guide on how to be at the top of your games on Facebook?

Let’s consider this Facebook game tricks. Continue reading below:

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This post teaches another detailed content on Facebook Games. In this post, you’ll see stuff you need to know about Facebook Messenger Ludo Club Hacks and Tricks. 
Am so certain you really want to be at the top of your game. 
Everyone sincerely wants to be a winner especially when it comes to playing games. The Ludo game is a very interesting Game which involves four plays playing to win. 
It is a multiplayer game and nothing would interest you more than me giving you hacks which will definitely help you win your friends or challengers.
Facebook Messenger Ludo Club Free Hacks And Tricks
Am sure you can’t wait. Let’s check them out.

How You Can Get a Six in Facebook Messenger Ludo Club 
Ludo is one of such games which involves the use of dice in play so getting a six will do you a lot of good. Here is how it is done;

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1. Keep your attention on the position from which any of your opponents got a six
2. Be patient until your dice gets to that particular angle
3. Immediately roll there as you will get a six 80% of the time

In this trick, observation is key
Select Your Score In Facebook Messenger Ludo Club Game
Using Your own PC, you can choose your score in Facebook Messenger Ludo Club Game by just following these steps;
1. Launch the game on a new window
2. Open up the DevTool in your PC and set it to appear by the side of your screen vertically
3. Search for Facebook Messenger Source (To get Facebook Messenger, search for the word “instant bundle” and make sure to use “Element Tab” for this)
4. Choose the “Document Element” which permits the DevTools attach your console to the javascript domain.
5. Lastly, apply the command “js_FBInstantSetScore(46)” or better still use the command “FBInstant.setscore(46)”

Facebook Messenger Ludo Club Free Hacks And Tricks

NOTE – It is important you know before you start searching for Facebook Messenger Source that “Facebook Messenger is loaded in the iFrame”

Enjoy your Ludo Game on Facebook and keep the secret as you enjoy winning until any other person discovers.

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