Facebook Poke – How to Send Facebook Poke

Facebook Poke – How to Send Facebook Poke: Facebook poke, is a small application on Facebook, that comes with every account.
It is an age-old Facebook feature, that is used to get someone’s attention on the Facebook social media platform.
Facebook poke can be fun, and can also be annoying as well, depending on who is poking you, and how frequently it is being done.

Facebook designed this to offer users other ways of reaching out to their friends, beyond posting to their profiles, commenting, as well as direct messaging.

Reasons For Facebook Pokes 
Users receive a Facebook poke for many reasons. But the amount of pokes that a user receives depends on how much they use the Facebook platform services.

It’s simple logic users that make use of Facebook more often than others tend to get more pokes. Some reasons why users receive poke notifications include.

1. To confirm, who has visited your Facebook page, of late.

2. To say a quick hell.

3. It can also be used as a reminder, to intimate someone that you are waiting for a message him/her.

4. For fun.

5. To intimate someone that you are thinking about him/her.

6. If you want to send a Facebook poke, read on to know-how. The above are some reasons why users receive poke notifications on Facebook.

Users can always also poke other users if they want to. Users can always do this as long as they are active users of the Facebook platform services.

How To Locate Facebook Poke 
To locate Facebook poke, Navigate to your profile on mobile. You will locate the poke button, close to a Message tab, and this is right below your friend’s name and photo

How to Send Facebook Poke 
To send a Facebook poke,
1. Scroll to the Facebook page of the person you wish to poke
2. Locate the three dots icon, situated on the cover photo of their profile
3. Choose the “Poke” option

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Once this is done, a popup window will be displayed, confirming that you have successfully poked the person.

Sometimes, we may not know that we’ve been poked.

Here, we bring you some steps to help you know, when you have been poked.

Once you are poked, you will get a notification under the “Globe” icon for notifications, on the blue menu bar towards the right.

As you tap on that notice, you will be navigated to a screen, where you can select a “Poke Back” option inside of a blue tab with the hand icon. This will also show you a list of suggested people to poke.

How to Delete Facebook Poke 
To delete Facebook poke, tap on the grey “X” to the right of the poke back tab. Facebook poke, can be fun and creepy at the same time.

Some users have been known to use Facebook poke to stalk other users. Thus it is advised that you reduce your poke to a minimum level, where it won’t become offensive to the next party, and also send it to those who appreciate it.

Even with its pros and cons, Facebook poke can be fun to use.

Note that if you can’t access your Facebook poke’s page via the above procedure, you can use this link: https://facebook.com/pokes to get to it.

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