How To Do Selling Via Facebook Marketplace | Selling Items On Facebook

How To Do Selling Via FB Marketplace | Selling Items On Facebook: Looking for a concise guide on how to sell on the Facebook marketplace?

In this post, you’ll see a complete step-by-step guide for selling on Facebook via Marketplace.

Selling via Facebook, you can set up a Facebook store if you have a business page to advertise your products for customers to view and purchase if they are interested.

Facebook is fast becoming one of the largest online marketing platforms in the world. However, it is quite free to list and sell items on Facebook, unlike other online marketing platforms.

Selling Via Facebook just makes it convenient for users to sell products on the platform, reach their target audience, and expand their market.

If you are looking at selling Via Facebook, you can sell on Marketplace, Facebook stores, or in buy and sell groups.

Selling has gone digital and lots of sellers are making profits by selling items to internet buyers, and Facebook is one online platform for meeting internet buyers with ease.

How To Start Selling Via FB Store 

Once you have a Facebook business page where you advertise your business products and engage your fans or members, you will need to set up a store if you wish to start selling via Facebook.

Setting up a Facebook store means you can post listings of your products on your store for customers to browse and purchase directly from your store. To set up your Facebook store to start selling via Facebook, follow these steps:

– Navigate to your Facebook page and log into your Facebook business page to enable you to access the admin panel

– Facebook pages already have the shop page by default that is accessible to you as the page owner or admin. locate the shop icon on the left and click on it, you need to activate your template accurately to enable you to see this shop icon.

If you don’t see the shop, you will need to activate your templates in the right way. Just go to SETTINGS, then TEMPLATES and TABS, find the current Template area, and click on the edit button. You can then apply the shop template from there.

– After getting the shop tab on your store, click on it, once you click on the shop tab a popup appears explaining the process you are about to go through. You can read through to understand the process before clicking the GET STARTED button.

– Another pop-up appears on the screen prompting you to enter your business details. You will need to enter important business details as required on each field, then click NEXT

– You will need to enter info about the state you do your business in and the tax registration number. Then you will need to enter your currency and email address if you want to get paid on Facebook. Just enter the right details for each pop-up screen, when you are done click the FINISH button.

– Click on the SETUP PAYMENT button to set up payment details to publish your shop. You will be required to enter your tax details, accurate business name, employer identification number, and legal name.

After entering the required info, click on the SAVE button, you need to enter the accurate info and cross-check for mistakes before clicking save because it can’t be edited later.

– Then finally link your bank to your Facebook store for payments, enter your bank routing, account number, and account name, then click the SAVE button

– Set up your shipping options and your return policy and customer service email on the SET YOUR PREFERENCES step, and then click FINISH to conclude the process.

– You will need to add products to your Facebook store by clicking the ADD button, you can add products manually or you can use eCommerce/inventory.

– Once you have added your products you have to market your products if you intend to generate sales from your business. You can advertise using Facebook Ads, this is an effective way to reach your target audience; you can promote your products on Facebook groups, or you can share them on your timeline.

– Listing your products on the Facebook store for customers to see is totally free and you can use Facebook Ads to reach your target audience.

How To Start Selling Via FB Marketplace 

Facebook marketplace is a convenient place to sell products to people in your local community, once you place your listings on Marketplace, it becomes visible for people in your location to see and patronize.

You can sell almost any stuff on Marketplace, apart from illegal items and political products, just add photos of the items and important details of items on Marketplace and you might get interested buyers in no time.

With Facebook Marketplace you can now sell their items with ease on Facebook and stand a great chance to reach your target audience and start generating sales. To start selling on the marketplace:

– Log into your Facebook account, then click the SHOP ICON, Facebook will give you more information on how to proceed with joining the platform.

– On your marketplace page, you have four options, click on SELL. Choose the items you want to sell from your camera roll. You can add multiple photos if you like; Facebook does not charge you for that, unlike other online marketplaces. Add clear photos, which makes it easy for customers to see the items they are buying.

– Label the items you are selling on the WHAT ARE YOU SELLING page, enter a title, a brief and catchy title that describes or explains what you are selling to your target audience, Facebook limits your title to just 100 characters. Then click NEXT

– Describe the items you are selling; you need to add detailed information about the items you are selling, and then click NEXT. This is an opportunity for you to tell your buyers exactly what you are selling and its attributes.

– Then you need to set the price for the items you are selling which is often displayed in your local currency, which you can change later if you wish. You can check out the prices of other goods similar to your own which are being sold in your neighborhood to avoid over or underpricing your products. This is a good way of doing strategic pricing so that your prices fall in place with the prices of other similar products going on for sale in your area.

– Enter your Zip code to identify your general location, your products will be advertised in the locations you choose.

– You have to choose the category your products fall into on the list provided by Facebook

– After completing these steps accurately, Facebook will make your items visible for people to find on the marketplace. Your items will be taken to a management area where you can easily communicate with buyers and update your items’ info, and you click the YOUR ITEMS option on the marketplace page to access the management area with ease.

– You get messages from interested buyers on the marketplace and you can decide to close deals on messenger. If you are getting an influx of buyers on your marketplace, you can create templates to respond to customers with ease. You have to be ready to answer questions from buyers and respond to their messages as well to avoid losing buyers. You can get to know your customers better on messenger, and then conclude the transaction process with specific buyers on messenger.

Facebook has over two billion active users which makes it hard to ignore as a platform for marketing products and growing sales from your business as soon as possible.

With the number of people on the platform, you stand a great chance of selling items to the right audience and even reaching a wider customer base.

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