Long-Distance Relationship Advice – Tips to Make It Work

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Long-Distance Relationship Advice – Tips to Make It Work – This is a very important bit of long-distance relationship advice because it is a good marker of your commitment to the relationship. You need real, in-person face time to know if things have a chance of working. If you aren’t making that a priority, then you’re never going to know, and you’ll be stuck in dodgy for a very long time.

Lots of people in long-distance relationships worry about the day-to-day call, text, or email, but in the all-important scheme of things that is much less important than the time you get to spend together. Be relaxed about the phone calls. Appreciate the time you take with each other.

Lastly, remember that when you do visit each other, one of you is on vacation, so it’s not quite the real world.

If you can follow this long-distance relationship advice, you’ll have a good chance of seeing if your relationship is really the thing for you, or if it’s just a pleasant decoy until you find someone awesome who’s also local. Good luck, and remember to enjoy it! Relationships are supposed to be fun!

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