How Do You Tell If Someone Is Looking At Your Facebook Profile


Facebook profile – Have you ever sit back and consider how you can figure out the people that have been looking at your Facebook account?

I guess you do some times!

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Well, so many Facebook users today always want to know who is looking at the Facebook profile.

How Do You Tell If Someone Is Looking At Your Facebook Profile

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t tell you when someone checks on your profile.

Most social networking sites do it but Facebook doesn’t do. I can’t tell if they don’t care about it or not.

However, this post wants to show you the techniques you can follow to easily figure out the people that have been checking on your profile on Facebook.

So if you’re looking for a guide on how to view people that have been viewing your Facebook, this article got you covered.

How To Know Who Has Viewed Your Facebook

Here are the different methods you can use to figure out who is looking at your Facebook account step by step.


  • First off, you’ll need to access your Facebook newsfeed via Enter your login details in the space provided and click on the login button and you’ll be taken to your Facebook account
  • Next, you’ll need to right-click the internet browser and click on the “view page source” option.
  • If you’re done with the above command, you will be redirected to a brand-new web page that includes numerous HTML/ Javascript/CSS codes.
  • Press ctrl+ f through key-board, after this a text box would certainly be shown at the ideal side edge, because enter- “InitialChatFriendsList” (omitting quotes).
  • Then, you will discover numbers checklist, all these in fact profile ids of various people or the pals who have seen your facebook timeline till date.
  • Now kind- “” on a browser and paste the id number after it with a slash. As an example, if the id is XYZ, you have to kind it as-
  • The foremost id presents the individual that makes the constant see to your Facebook profile while the last id is the one that never ever sees your FB account.


The below guide is the second method you can undertake to figure out who is looking at your Facebook profile.

In this method, you’ll need to have a chrome browser.

The process uses a Chrome extension. So if you’re using Chrome to access the internet, you can follow the below guide

  • To kick things start, you’ll need to download this extension from chrome web store to view your Facebook profile site visitors in your Google Chrome web browser.
  • The action is to enter in your browser and log onto your Facebook profile
  • Now, you’ll notice that an added ‘visitors’ tab is located alongside the left side of ‘home’ on the upper blue bar.
  • To continue, click on the tab and a pop-up food selection will display showing you the recent Facebook account visitors of your FB account along time. As earlier said, it will only reveal those FB account site visitors that currently have mounted the notification expansion of chrome.

Those are the steps you can follow to see who is looking at your facebook account fast.

I hope this article was helpful.

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