Pokes Received by Me | Pokes Viewed my Facebook Profile


Facebook is the best social media platform with its feature-packed options, no wonder it is regarded by many as the best social network platform.

Pokes Received by Me | Pokes Viewed my Facebook Profile

If you’ve been a Facebook user for some time you must have certainly encountered the feature ‘Facebook Poke‘, whether somebody has poked you or you’ve seen the poke alternative on a friend’s page, today, we will tell you what a poke mean on Facebook?

What is the Facebook poke feature
Facebook poke is a feature with several meanings, we will list some of the common reason s why a poke is sent out by certain individuals on Facebook.

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POKE! Well, to be sincere there’s a variety of various reasons that somebody might choose to poke you on Facebook.

We gather some of the reasons below, however his or her reasons for sending you a poke what have another meaning asides all these

  • Just Stating Hi. Oftentimes, a poke is nothing more than a friend saying a genuinely fast hi. Rather than sending you a message, they merely tap a button to report ‘good morning.’ Poking back is a primary method to communicate ‘hi’ back to this individual without taking part in a discussion and that’s simply replying ‘the morning to you too’
  • Aiming to Get Your Attention. In some cases, somebody will send out a poke to someone else with the major aim of getting their attention. Probably they have sent you a message which you have not checked or replied to, and they actually want your attention dragged to their profile, then they might choose to send you a poke rather than send another message
  • Let You Know They Are Thinking About You. If somebody has you on their mind, they may send you a poke simply to alert you that they have you on their mind
  • Flirting. Another method, especially for those who have been flirting back and forth with somebody, is to poke them. It’s a type of potentially participating in some tickle battle or ridiculous flirty discussion.
  • Simply for Fun. Some people view about poke on Facebook is simply for fun, Hey, it’s Facebook, right? And Facebook is expected to be ENJOYABLE! So somebody might walk around poking individuals for the fun of it. Poke them back and it might turn to a fun game

How to use this Facebook Poke Feature
Poking somebody is fast and straightforward, you only need to take a couple of actions to send out the poke.

If you wish to send your friend a poke, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Simply log in to your Facebook account
  • Go to your friend’s timeline (their page).
  • Navigate to the far side, to the right of the message and click on the icon to reveal the choices
  • Tap on the drop-down icon and from the options, you will see the ‘poke’ choice below the see relationship choice.
  • Click the ‘poke’ button. A verification window will turn up to validate your poke. When validated, the poke will immediately be sent out to your dear friend.

Likewise, if somebody has poked you initially you will instantly have the choice to poke them back. Click the ‘poke back’ button to send out a poke right away.

If you do not wish to poke the individual back, you likewise have the alternative to ‘eliminate poke.’

By selecting the erase choice, which will delete the poke permanently, and you will not have any chance of poking this individual unless you visit their page and send out a poke.

If you’re having trouble finding your pokes page, try searching for https://facebook.com/pokes in your browser.

There you have it, How to See my Facebook Pokes. I hope you understand this guide and plan to try out the Facebook poke feature?

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