Any App To See Who Blocked Me On Facebook?


Any App To See Who Blocked Me On Facebook: Are you looking for a guide on how to figure out who has blocked you on facebook? 

Here is a facebook post that teaches how to see who blocked you on facebook. Interestingly, this article will proffer an answer to the question: Any App To See Who Blocked Me On Facebook

Let’s get started with the app to see who blocked me on facebook right away!!! 

Any App To See Who Blocked Me On Facebook?

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App To See Who Blocked You On Facebook 

Ask a Buddy 

The easiest way to tell whether a Facebook buddy obstructed you is to ask a current common Facebook friend to view the possible blocker’s Facebook web page. 

As long as the mutual friend hasn’t already likewise been obstructed by the prospective blocker, your mutual friend should be able to confirm that the possible blocker’s account is still energetic. 

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If your mutual friend has not a problem viewing the prospective blocker’s account, it is very likely that you have been blocked from seeing that account. If your mutual friend could not find the potential blocker’s account either, it is possible that the blocker has actually closed his Facebook account. 

Seek Hints 

Certain clues might suggest that a former good friend has actually obstructed you on Facebook. Look for posts from the prospective blocker made before you believe he obstructed you. 

These can include chat messages, private messages, responses to your very own Facebook articles or things he may have uploaded to your Timeline. If the posts are missing out completely, it is likely he blocked you. 

Additionally, if his name, as well as comments, still show up on the Timelines of mutual friends yet his account picture is not viewable and you can no more click on his name to navigate to his personal Facebook page, it is also likely that he has blocked you. 

Ask the Person 

When all else fails, you could ask the individual directly. You will not be able to do this via Facebook if you’ve been blocked because you will certainly be incapable to send out a message. Nevertheless, if you have a phone number or e-mail address, you can call or send out an e-mail and pleasantly request information. If no action if upcoming, do not continue to call or send out several e-mails. 

Register for an App 

While applications will not assist if you are questionable that a person has actually already blocked you or unfriended you, they can aid you prevent this problem in the future. Applications such as “Unfriend Finder,” “Unfriend Spy,” “Unfriend Alerts” and also “That Unfriended Me?” check with your existing close friends checklist and allow you know who unfriended you or obstructed you if the problem ought to emerge in the future. 

These applications just work if you have them installed at the time you are unfriended. An application could not tell that unfriended you or obstructed you before you activate the application. 


Occasionally Facebook performs account maintenance that temporarily makes certain accounts appear inaccessible for a brief duration. It is feasible that your good friend hasn’t obstructed you, but rather that his account has been briefly handicapped for upkeep. If this is the case, the account will likely be brought back after the maintenance is full.

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