How to Activate Facebook Translate – Facebook Translate Setting – Facebook Translator App Download

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How to Activate Facebook Translate – Facebook Translate Setting – Facebook Translator App Download: As a result of the nature of services Facebook renders to the world, which is basically communication with one another across the globe for different needs.

It is not news that the world comprises people from different races and languages, which as a matter of fact hinders the communication of Asia and a man living in America due to the difference in language.

Thus, having regards to the above problem which was really an obstacle to the progress of the Facebook Company and the aim of its establishment.

This led to the launch of a new feature to remedy the above situation and enable people of different languages to interact with each other on the platform of Facebook.

Therefore, Facebook quietly launched a new feature that allows a user to translate post and comments on Facebook pages with the click of a button.

That is to say, when you see a comment in another language, you should also see small “Translate” link next to the “Like “and “share” links, Clicking this will immediately translate the post into your native language. When you’re done reading, you can hit the link again to change it back.

However, at present this new feature only works on Facebook pages and not profiles. This is because there is chances of running into posts that need translating on pages where you don’t know anybody, although we hope to see the feature work on Facebook profiles soon.

Benefits of Facebook Translate

  • This Facebook features has really aided the communication of its users who speaks and understand different languages, encouraging a wonderful relationship among them, promoting their businesses as the case maybe.
  • This new platform gives users a quick and fast translation of any language on a Facebook page utilizing Bing Translate.
  • One significant outcome of Facebook Translate is that it enabled its users who were earlier depending on Google Translate to help them understand what other Facebook users were saying, have access now on Facebook platform to translate other languages to their specific language.
  • Facebook translate has encouraged the buying and selling going on among their users in their platform cause most of this users speak different languages for the key to understanding another is to understand the language.

How to Activate Facebook Translate

Go to edit page interface and from there select the ‘your settings’ tab.
From there select the ‘translations from’ section where users can enable translations by the following selections; machine and community, and admin, or they can disable the feature.

However, I will give you under here more detailed processes to activate or Setup your Facebook translate thus:

  • Click in the top right corner of your page and select Settings.
  • Click language.
  • Under here you will be confronted with the following options and you will choose the format you want this:

What language do you want to use Facebook in: This controls the change in language of your Facebook interface.

What language do you want your story to be translated: This changes the language comments and posts written in another language are translated to.

Which language do you understand: This controls the language you want to see translation options, for any comment or post written in these languages won’t contain translation options.

Which language do you want automatically translated: This controls the language you don’t want automatically translated,

Multilingual post: This allows users to post more than one language at a time without automatic translations.

Then click the language you want your stories to be translated into
After selecting a particular language you can click save and henceforth your translation will be made in that platform.
Thus, with the above article, you will see you will have a nice time on Facebook with the aid of Facebook translate.

That is it on How to Activate Facebook Translate – Facebook Translate Setting – Facebook Translator App Download. I hope this article was helpful. Kindly share it with your friends and loved ones!!!


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