What makes people charming?

  1. Eye contact. Looking into someone else’s eyes allows you to control that person. Doing so can give you confidence and make the person you are chatting with feel that he is very interesting to you because he is being stared at. Maintain eye contact throughout the conversation. No matter what you are talking about, making eye contact with others will make you look more charming.
  2. Smile with eyes. The reason it is the most sincere is that the muscles of the eyes that are used for smiling are involuntary; they can only be activated because of a real smile from the heart, and a polite smile cannot mobilize these muscles. In addition, if you look at someone and then smile, they will be instantly fascinated by you.
  3. Shake hands vigorously. Shaking hands with someone when you meet for the first time is a polite way to express that you want to have a conversation with the other person. Grab hard, but not too tight-you don’t want to hurt someone’s hand, do you? After shaking hands once, you can let go. In some places, there is no such habit of shaking hands. They will use other, decent body postures to express their interest in each other. A light kiss on the cheeks or forehead, or other body positions, can provide a good start to the conversation.
  4. Use charming body language. Face the person you are talking to so that you don’t seem too anxious to leave. In the process of conversation, simple touch is helpful to promote the development of the conversation. For example, you can lightly touch the other person’s shoulder to emphasize a certain point. At the end of the conversation, think about whether it is appropriate to hug or shake your hand again.
  5. Control your tone. Your voice should be soft and peaceful, but direct. Express your meaning clearly and clearly. You can practice with a tape recorder and then play it back.


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