Akon wives

Akon wives

How Many Wives Does Akon Have?

Let’s look at the list of Akon’s spouses. Like, how many wives does Akon have?

Akon made headlines in the mid-2000s after appearing on Angie Martinez’s radio show to discuss his personal life and beliefs.

He admitted to polygamy, which means he believes in having multiple wives or husbands.

“I’m a polygamist,” he informed the radio host. “I can afford to have as many wives as I can afford to have. It is believed by all Africans. My father is married to four women.”

Akon, who was raised in a religious and cultural household, has “married” four different women and is casually dating other women.

“The whole point of dating is to date this one, and date this one, and date this one until you figure out, ‘OK, this is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with,'” Akon said. Okay, now I’m going to commit to this thing called marriage.’

List of 4 women suspected of being Akon’s wives

1. Tomeka Thiam

Aliuame Damal Badara Akon’s legal wife and most popular lover is Akon Thiam. Akon frequently flaunts her, and she is often referred to be Akon’s wife.

They’ve been dating for a long time and have known each other for roughly 25 years.

Tomeka is the mother of only two of Akon’s children, a son and a daughter. Others believe she has four children with Akon.

Tomeka’s Instagram feed is constantly updated with photos of her children. Ali is the name of the couple’s son, and Alianna is the name of their daughter.

On her social media account, Tomeka even shared a video of her daughter singing. Many people were blown away by her extraordinary singing skills. She graduated from elementary school and is now in middle school, despite the fact that she was born in May 2007.

Thiam and Akon are the proud owners of a $7 million villa on five acres of property in Georgia. Akon and his wife have a strong bond, as evidenced by their frequent public appearances together.

2. Tricia Anna

Tricia Anna is one of Akon’s rumored wives. She has appeared on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood and is a fan of the show.

Despite her vast fan base, several of her admirers have expressed dissatisfaction with the way she presented herself. Her unamused expression and reported terrible manners are cited.

Tricia has African-American and Puerto Rican Swedish ancestors. She is a well-known former urban model who currently works for Akon’s Konvict Muzik label as an A&R representative.

On the show, Tricia Anna is rumored to have broken up with Akon and is dating someone else. According to sources, Akon demanded that he be removed from every episode of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.

3. Rachel Ritfeld

Rachel is a model who was the face of the streetwear label Akademiks.

Roitfeld was rumored to be adding to his list of wives, despite the fact that he has yet to reveal how many he had.

Akon was honest about his previous relationships and polygamous ideas, according to the model. She also stated that she required more from a partner, such as involvement in her life and heart mending. Rachel wished Akon well and hoped they would remain friends even though they did not marry.

4. Susan Owori

According to reports in Uganda, Akon fathered a child with the sister of fashion model Sylvia Owori. Suzan Owori is the lady’s name. He met her years ago when performing in the country.

The story makes it clear that Akon is a proud polygamist. He has several spouses and approximately six children.

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