Facebook Dating Safety Strategies

Facebook Dating Safety Strategies

Facebook appears to be attempting a revival, as Facebook Dating has finally arrived. The initial announcement of this in-app surprise occurred in May 2018, when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled it at a conference. Facebook, in contrast to other dating platforms, wants its users to develop serious relationships, not casual encounters. They spoke, not we did.

Charmaine Hung, the Technical Program Manager of Facebook Dating, stated in a press release: “At present, over two hundred million individuals on Facebook have designated their relationship status as unattached. Already, a significant number of them initiate meaningful relationships via Facebook. This is an extraordinary opportunity to connect individuals who may be interested in exploring romantic relationships with depth and significance. We are thrilled to provide Filipinos with additional methods to connect and celebrate relationships on the platform, where they already have a strong affinity.

One year has passed since Facebook Dating first debuted, and it has now arrived in the Philippines. Everything you need to know is provided below.

Will you need to download Facebook Dating?

Facebook Dating is not a separate application from the standard Facebook app. Simply obtain the latest iteration of Facebook and proceed to establish a Dating profile—an individual profile distinct from the one you already possess, which is still required to utilize Facebook Dating. Although it is designated a section within the application, rest assured that your dating endeavors will remain private and will not be displayed on your profile or in the feeds of others.

Who can see your Dating profile?

You can restrict access to your dating profile. It will only be accessible to users who are suggested to you and your suggested matches. You will be invisible to even your Facebook contacts unless you enable this feature. People are recommended to you on Facebook based on your preferences, interests, and activity, as the objective is to discover individuals with whom you share commonalities rather than simply connecting with those in your existing social circles.

How does Facebook Dating work?

Your name and age will be imported automatically into Facebook Dating, which will be accessible exclusively to users who are 18 years of age or older. One of the most intriguing features of Facebook Dating is its distinctive messaging system. You may receive one message from a potential candidate. Until you respond, they will be unable to harass you or message you again. Another characteristic that distinguishes it from alternative dating applications is its exclusive reliance on text-based communication. Links and photos will not be permitted to be sent to you in order to prevent the dissemination of inappropriate material. After mutual interest, respect, and trust have been established, you may proceed to an alternative platform that supports non-text message exchange.

However, if that fails to deter an individual from causing you discomfort (because ugh), you have the option to block or report them from within the dating message or your profile.

Gender preferences on Facebook Dating

You will have complete autonomy over the individuals you choose to pair up with. Facebook collaborated with external LGBT community organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) comprising Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) and Transgender Law Center as part of their Network of Support, to ensure that the “options are safe, inclusive, transparent, and intuitive.”

Key feature: Secret Crush

Remember having crushes when you were younger? Facebook Dating has introduced a new feature called Secret Crush. This lets you match with people you’re already familiar with. You know, just in case the idea of meeting someone in your current circles doesn’t immediately repulse you.

Secret Crush lets you choose up to nine Facebook friends who you’re already interested in. If your crush has a profile on Facebook Dating, they’ll get a notification saying that someone’s interested in them but won’t automatically disclose your information. If your crush includes you on his or her Secret Crush list, then it’s a match! Again, you don’t need to be afraid: If you guys don’t match, no one will know you’ve entered your crush’s name.

Key feature: Events & Groups

Facebook Dating is similar to how you may receive notifications when a Facebook friend attends a nearby or local event. In Events & Groups, you have the option to view users who share your preferences and areas of interest. However, keep in mind that if you can see them, they can certainly see you as well.

Can you delete your Facebook Dating profile?

Yes. However, deleting your profile will result in the loss of all data. In all honesty, it’s not the worst thing in the world that you’ll have to start over whenever you find the strength to reestablish faith in love (lol). Facebook Dating includes a “pause” function for users who do not wish to stop completely. Although your profile and conversations will remain accessible, you will no longer receive new matches.

Facebook Dating Safety Tips

Although dating can be enjoyable, it can also be risky. Facebook advises against including any identifying information in a dating profile, including your last name, financial details, email address, home address, phone number, or place of employment. If you experience any unease, report the individual who requests any of the aforementioned information. They will not even be aware that you have reported them.

Additionally, fraudsters may establish fake accounts in an attempt to deceive you into divulging funds or gifts. Warning signs include the following: an immediate desire to communicate outside of Facebook Dating, professing affection for you after only a few messages in an attempt to provoke further conversation, and organizing dates that ultimately fail to materialize.

Have faith in your own discernment. Facebook advises against entering into any form of financial agreement, wire transfer, or donation with a user you encounter through Facebook Dating. To be on the secure side, you may report whoever requests that you perform any of the aforementioned.

When you agree to meet someone in person, discuss the date with a close friend or relative. Convene to convene in a publicly accessible area and coordinate your individual modes of transportation. While it would be ideal if all individuals comprehended the significance of consent and boundaries, regrettably, much work remains; therefore, maintain vigilance and be cognizant of your own limitations.

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