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Sometimes you only need computer technology for a short time, perhaps to augment your business’s computing capacity during peak business seasons. Purchasing technology to meet such a temporary need involves taking on unnecessary expenditures, and inevitably leaves you or your business with a lot of superfluous technology after the need is fulfilled. So renting computer technology makes perfect sense for such ephemeral needs.

Not only can procure any computer rental you might need, but they can also configure temporary solutions and technology packages that include computer peripherals as well.

What are Computer Peripheral Rentals?

Computer Peripheral Rentals From Rentacomputer.comComputer peripherals are any accessory items that you might want or need with your computer rental, whether you are renting a laptop, desktop, or tablet computer. Having the right accessory items with your rental can be crucial, and it is often the case that renters do not already have many of the accessories they might need to make their rental function in the capacity that they need it to.

Gigabit Switches

If your you Computer Rental consists of several or more computers that will be operated simultaneously by various users, then you might very well need a gigabit switch. This will allow you to connect your laptop rentals to one LAN source, which is invaluable if you need to have multiple users simultaneously connecting to the web. Our Tech Travel Agents typically recommend either an 8 Port 100/1000 Gigabit Switch or a 24 Port 100/1000 Gigabit Switch, depending on how many computers you are renting.

Wireless Routers

Wireless Routers are also a very important peripheral if you need to wirelessly connect your Computer Rental. These especially become valuable when you are putting together interactive trade show booths, or require event planners and maintenance personnel to stay connected via laptops or tablet computers. Wireless routers are also invaluable if you are setting up a temporary office. Our agents usually recommend a Cisco/Linksys 4 Port Wireless Router.

Computer Cable Locks

Computer Cable Lock RentalsSecurity can often be an issue, especially if you are setting up a booth or kiosk with your computer rentals, where a lot of traffic will be passing by. You can ease your worries about the security of your rentals by adding cable locks to your rental configuration, so that you can lock down each unit and protect against theft.

Conference Phones

Conference Phone RentalsA very handy accessory to have when you need to keep in touch with multiple collaborators is a conference phone, whereby you can speak with the people you need to speak with all at once and expedite project logistics. Our Tech Travel Agents recommend getting a Polycom Soundstation for your conference speakerphone rental.

Wireless Presentation Mouse & Remotes

If you are getting a Laptop Rental for presentation purposes, then you should also consider getting a wireless mouse or remote added to your rental configuration. With these accessories you can have a lot more freedom while giving your presentation, instead of being tied down to wherever your computer is stationed.

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