How to Create a Facebook Page – Marketplace Buy and Sell

Just as promised, here is a complete guide on How to Create a Facebook Page – Marketplace Buy and Sell.
Let’s start with what the Facebook marketplace is all about.

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Facebook marketplace is a convenient place got you to discover, buy, and sell items to people in your community.

It is faster, efficient and easier than any other marketplace on the internet.

How to Create a Facebook Page – Marketplace Buy and Sell

You can find lots of used or new items on Facebook marketplace ranging from houses, TV sets, vehicles, etc. Facebook marketplace is tied directly to a buyer and seller Facebook accounts.

When you post an item to sell on Facebook marketplace, people can use Facebook messenger to ask you questions about your item.

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With the use of Facebook messenger, you can conduct a marketplace communication through text messages or phone calls. You can see all conversations with buyers from the selling tab in the Facebook marketplace page.

There is nothing you post on Facebook buy and sell marketplace that will not appear in your news feed page on your Facebook account.

Rating all online marketplace, Facebook market place is higher than any other marketplace.

The rate for selling items in Facebook marketplace is about 70% — 80% compared to every other marketplace.

Am sure you are finding this article interesting, if you wish to visit the Facebook marketplace, kindly log into your Facebook account and tap on the shop icon’ at the bottom of your Facebook app.

Start exploring and enjoying the benefits of using a Facebook marketplace.

Tips for selling items on Facebook marketplace 
To ensure a good experience when selling items on Facebook market place, I will like you to consider the following steps:
– Have a conversation with the buyer about your mode of payment. Consider accepting cash or a secure payment method that offers purchase protection. You have to do this to avoid receiving a bounced check or counterfeits check.
– Whenever you are meeting with the buyer, make sure you meet in a public place that is saved. Do not invite buyers to your hone because some people will pretend to be buyers, unknown to you they are scammers.
– Don’t share your financial information with anyone, your financial details could be your bank account details, or your PayPal login details and password.
– Always communicate with your buyer whenever you ship an item. Let them know the shipping timeline, delivery status, and carrier and tracking information. Never ship an item before you receive full payment of it.
– Before posting any item for sale on Facebook market place, make sure you review Facebook commerce policy.

Having known about the benefits and different tips of selling items on Facebook marketplace, it will be good to learn how to post your items for sale in the Facebook buy and sell market place.

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However, for you get started on the Marketplace Buy and Sell feature, you have to have a Facebook account, as this feature is contained in the Facebook site. So, before getting started on Marketplace Buy and Sell, you have to create your Facebook account first.

How to Create a Facebook Account – Marketplace Buy and Sell 
Creating this Facebook account hasn’t got much stress at all. all you have to do is to gain access to the Facebook official site and provide some necessary details.

So, if you do not have a Facebook account, here’s how to create one.
– On your web browser, go to
– On the next page, enter your name, mobile number or email address.
– Enter a suitable password and date of birth.
– Select your gender.
– Click on Sign Up.

And now, you are done, once you are done with all the procedures, you will be directed to your Facebook account News Feed.

How to Log in To Facebook – Marketplace Buy And Sell 
Now, you have created your Facebook account, however, in some cases, you have to log in whenever you want to make use of your Facebook account. here’s how to do that.
– On your web browser, go to
– On the page, enter your email and phone number.
– Enter your password.
– Click on Log In.

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How to Start Using Marketplace Buy and Sell 
Now, there are several different marketplaces to start selling your products and items. Are you a business owner or marketer seeking to get your products online?

Then Facebook could be said to be just the best platform for that.

Now, there are several different ways through which you can make use of the Marketplace Buy and Sell feature on Facebook.

Facebook Marketplace – Marketplace Buy and Sell 
You are able to access this particular marketplace if you have got the Facebook app on your mobile device. here’s how to access the Facebook marketplace.
– Open the Facebook app and log in to your Facebook account.
– At the top of the Facebook app, you will find a shop/store icon, click on it.
– Next, you have to add the pictures of the items and goods you have on sale.
– Type a brief title for your products.
– Add a short description of your products or business.
– Describe the items and products, and add the prices of the items.
– Add a category and location for the item.

Facebook will make your item visible to other users, and if any buyer is interested in your product, they can contact you on Facebook for a bargain.

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How to Create a Facebook Page – Marketplace Buy and Sell 
Just like you can sell on other people’s pages, you can also post on your page too. And for you to do this you have to create the page. And here’s how to do that.
– Log in to your Facebook account.
– At the top of the page, click on Create and select Page.
– Select the type of page you want to open and click on Get Started.
– On the next page, enter the page name, and the category of the page.
– Click on Continue.

Follow all other instructions to finish the procedures. After you have created the page. You can now post your items on sale.

Facebook Pages – Marketplace Buy and Sell 
To sell your items on pages, here’s how to do that;
– Log in to your Facebook account on
– Use the search bar at the top of the page to search for pages.
– On the page, click on Write a Post…
– Enter the details of the items such as pictures, name, prices, location, and others.
– Once you are done, you can Post.

And that is all for you!

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