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Facebook Advertising Service & Facebook Advertising Cost | Create Facebook Ad – Start Facebook Advertising: Facebook Advertising Service – Advertising your products on Facebook is very important if you intend to create more awareness for your business and expand your market on Facebook.
Facebook has over 2 billion users and you stand a chance of reaching these billions of users when you advertise products on Facebook.

In fact, Facebook is now considered one of the most powerful platforms for online markets, with the varieties of individuals on the platform ranging from different ages, sexes, people from different locations, and others, it becomes rather easy for you to reach your target audience.

Lots of business owners are now using Facebook advertising effectively to reach their target audience, expand their business online and start gaining more buyers.

There are also varieties of Facebook buy and sell groups for specific businesses and locations where you can advertise your product.

How To Facebook Create Facebook Ad – Start Facebook Advertising 

Facebook advertising is available for business owners and page owners to advertise their products to the right audience.

With Facebook advertising, you will definitely reach the target audience you want amongst the 2 billion users on Facebook, any kind of audience you want to reach is definitely on Facebook.

There are specific steps you have to follow to create Facebook ads, and we are helping to walk you through them.

1. Go to Ads Manager, and then choose Brand Awareness, Reach, Traffics, Video Views, Lead Generation, Messages, Conversations, Catalog Sales or

2. Store Visits as your ad objective. Then tap the CONTINUE button

3. Select your Destination

4. Select your Audience and also define your targeting

5. Then you have to choose either AUTOMATIC PLACEMENTS or EDIT PLACEMENTS, automatic placements are often recommended.

6. Also, select your Budget and Schedule, and then click NEXT once you are done

7. Select your Ad’s creative format

8. Click DONE and then PLACE ORDER once you are done setting up your ad.

9. Your ad will be made available on various platforms or specific platforms you choose to advertise your products. You can run ads on Instagram, Messenger, Facebook, and other audience networks. You can also decide to show ads across any device your audience might be using. Once you select automatic placements, your ads will be shown on different platforms

10. You can manage and edit your ads in the ADS MANAGER, you can check if your ads are working effectively and make adjustments.

When creating your Facebook ads you have to create authentic and interesting ads that would draw people’s attention and also delight them as well.

And you have to bear your target audience in mind while creating your ad and know what would likely appeal to them.

Your Facebook advertising ought to have a theme or message that makes your ad unique, that your audience can easily grab.

How Much Does Facebook Ad Cost / Facebook Advertising Prices 
Your Facebook ads can be used effectively for promoting your business, reaching your target audience, and generating sales.

However, you have to pay for Facebook advertising. It is left for you to decide how much budget you want to set for Facebook ads.

Once you create your ads and submit your order, this means you are buying a Facebook ad, you have to consider your objective for Facebook ads and pay only for that.

You can set your budget; determine how much you want to pay for Facebook ads daily, monthly, or over the course of the campaign.

Reach and frequency determine the exact budget you need to reach your target audience.

How To Create Facebook Ads On Your Facebook Page 
You can create ads on your Facebook to promote your page by following these steps:

1. On your Facebook page, click the PROMOTE YOUR PAGE link at the left sidebar where your page likes can be seen, this serves as your first opportunity to advertise your page.

2. Once you click this option, you will be shown the preview of what your ad will look like on a desktop news feed, a mobile news feed, and right column

3. The ad would be created using your Facebook page’s name, description, and cover photo as its creative format.

4. You can decide to configure your ads with customized text and image in Facebook Ads Manager by selecting ADVANCED OPTION by clicking the SETTINGS icon beneath the preview.

5. You can also see your targeting option at the right of your preview; they include age, location, interests, and gender.

6. You can also set your budget and schedule for your ad, then you can click PROMOTE PAGE once you are done to submit an ad to Facebook for approval.

Facebook is now a key platform for online marketing, with its global audience; you can reach any target audience of your choice.

Facebook advertising is just the tools you need to reach your target audience either based on gender, location, demographics, interests, behaviors, and others.

Once you set up your Facebook ad and place your order, your ads will be placed on various platforms which will help expand your market.

You have to use Facebook ads effectively, create awesome content and monitor your Facebook ads reach to know when to adjust them and find out their results.

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