Online Market on Facebook – Facebook Buy and Sell

Online Market on Facebook

Online Market on Facebook is what we will be covering in the course of this article. Thus, if you are here because you are in dire need of the processes involved in facebook marketing, this article has gotten you covered. Keep reading below and please don’t hesitate to share this article with your friends and loved ones!!!

Online Market on Facebook – FB Buy and Sell – Everything You Need To Know

Looking for a guide on what “Online Market on Facebook” entail?

This post teaches the steps you need to follow to Facebook buy and sell in an online market.

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The Facebook online market can be likened to be the Facebook free marketplace.

They perform the same function as it means the same thing. In other words, the Facebook online market can also be referred to like the Facebook marketplace.
This can be accessed by certain countries in Africa but not all. This is plain because the Facebook marketplace is still under construction.

The Facebook online marketplace is meant to be developed in some countries first.

Open a Facebook Account 

The reason for creating a Facebook account is because, without an account, you cannot use the Facebook online market. To easily and simply create one;

– Visit the official Facebook website using the URL

– Make sure no account has been logged in, otherwise log it out and you will be redirected to the Facebook home page.

– Now click on the ion you find on the page indicating you can create a new account.

– Enter the details you are asked to provide and follow the on-screen instructions given to you afterward.

The moment your account is created, you will be logged in and be redirected to your news feed. One important tip is to keep your login details (username and password) in your heart and to share them with anybody.

Accessing the Online Market on Facebook 

The FB marketplace is a free online market that is only accessible to some audiences as of now. If you tried the steps below and you are unable to access the Facebook marketplace, then it is not accessible to you.

The Market place like I mentioned is a platform to buy and sell but the amazing part is that it is free to access. To access the Facebook marketplace;

1. log in to your account on the official Facebook website

2. On your account newsfeed, locate the left widget and click on the marketplace link from there. If you are using a FB app, you will have to click on the menu icon first.

3. If you are having problems with accessing the marketplace or do not find the marketplace link, then use this URL (

And if the URL takes you to a page displaying an error message, it simply means you are not eligible to access the marketplace.

You can learn more about the marketplace restriction on the Facebook help center webpage at

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That is it on Online Market on Facebook – Facebook Buy and Sell. I hope this article was helpful. Kindly share it with your friends and loved ones!!!

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