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Facebook Assistance – Facebook Contact Number | Facebook Helpline – Hacked Facebook Account: Are you having issues with your Facebook account lately and don’t know how to contact the Facebook team for solutions bothering you?

This post will show you the things you need to do to easily access the Facebook help center. Continue reading below:

Facebook help center offers users any kind of assistance they need in solving problems they encounter on their Facebook accounts.
Facebook help center offers self-service to users which would eventually help them solve account problems.
Sending Facebook emails, or calling on the phone might not be the best way to get Facebook assistance due to its wide user base and inability to solve problems for billions of customers all over the world through calls or emails.

The Facebook help center is a convenient way for Facebook to provide solutions to users without having to attend to each customer at a time.

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The solutions on the help center apply to all users experiencing similar problems.

So, you can easily gain Facebook assistance by visiting its help center and getting the answer you need.

You can also go through Facebook communities or official pages on other social media platforms to get their assistance but its help center is considered the best way of getting help from Facebook.

How To Contact Facebook Assistance Contact Number

With Facebook Assistance Contact Number, You can simply reach out to Facebook for help by visiting its help center for answers or joining Facebook communities to get answers to your questions.

Contacting Facebook through emails and Facebook is rather quite impossible as you might never get a reply from them or get the right number to contact them.

The Facebook help center is the best way to get assistance from Facebook and we will show you just how to report something on Facebook.

Reporting something on Facebook helps you register your complaints to Facebook about your Facebook account and get feedbacks from the help center desk. To report something on Facebook:

1. You will need to log into your Facebook account to have access to the Facebook help center. Navigate to FACEBOOK HELP CENTER on the main page, tap the gear icon on the upper right corner of your home page, and click HELP and then CLICK VISIT HELP CENTER.

2. Choose the problem that relates to you from the variety of problems listed out on the page. Facebook help center assists you on basic aspects of your Facebook account such as how to manage your account, privacy, and safety of your account and their policies.

3. Check out QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE options and you might get specific answers to questions you wish to find answers to. From the list of popular questions on the page, you can get to choose which problem matches yours and get immediate replies.

4. There are available options for you to choose what aspect of your account you wish to find out about. You can click USING FACEBOOK, MANAGING YOUR ACCOUNT, PRIVACY AND SAFETY, POLICIES, AND REPORTING on the toolbar. Each has its own drop-down menu and you can choose a specific problem from the available options in the menu.

5. Help center has a search bar available for you to search for specific problems and their answers using keywords. Once you search for such keywords, a list of options that match what you typed will appear, click on the option that relates most to your problem. The Facebook help center is the most reliable way to get assistance from Facebook.

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How To Recover Access To Old Facebook Account 

Facebook does a security check when you are trying to gain access to your old Facebook account to confirm you are the one trying to log in to your Facebook account.

To recover the account using identity:

1. You have to first log in to your Facebook account and follow Facebook directions to confirm your identity

2. To confirm identity you can identify friends based on their tagged photos

3. You can contact a friend that you have chosen to help you in case you need to recover your account 4. You might have to provide a date of birth which is the date you gave as your birth date when signing up for Facebook.

5. You might be asked security questions, if you don’t know the answers to them; you can choose a different question. If you think your account has been hacked and you can’t recover your account you need to follow other serious measures.

How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account 

Once you notice your account has been hacked, you need to make sure you change your Facebook password, if your problem is more complicated than this, then you need to do the following:



3. Then type in the email address or phone number linked to your hacked account and click SEARCH 4. Enter your old password or current one and click CONTINUE

5. Then you have to choose one option from the list of options indicating why you think your account has been hacked and click CONTINUE

6. A Facebook prompt will appear explaining how they would help you with steps for changing your password and also makes sure that any recent changes on your account came from you. Then click GET STARTED to begin the process.

7. Then follow the directions provided by Facebook to secure your account and change your password.

With the wide user base Facebook has, there will be complaints reaching their desk daily, well Facebook help center is their easiest way of handling tons of complaints they get from users.

Don’t wait on calling Facebook or emailing them when you can easily administer self-services by visiting the Facebook help center.

With the tips we have given you, you can also solve problems about the areas we explained.

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That is it on Facebook Assistance | Facebook Contact Number | Facebook Helpline – Hacked Facebook Account. 

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