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Hello! There, welcome to techietop. In today’s post, we will be considering what we titled: Facebook Advertiser Support Chat – Facebook Contact Support | Facebook Ads help – Contact Facebook Advertiser Support.

This post will cover some areas that lots of Facebook advertisers are having issues with while utilizing the platform for promoting their eCommerce businesses.

So if you are looking for a guide on Facebook Advertiser Support?
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Interestingly, Facebook ads are essential marketing tools for Facebook business owners. It can be used in promoting your business on Facebook, expanding your market audience, and reaching your target audience.
There are lots of advertisers on Facebook trying to make the most out of this Facebook marketing tool but then, sometimes it becomes quite difficult to use this tool effectively, which is why most advertisers probably need Facebook Ad support.

With new features constantly being added to Facebook ads, it can become quite overwhelming to use this tool effectively for advertising purposes and leaves you confused on what to do about this.

Whenever you run into any kind of problem while using Facebook ads, whether it is a problem with ad delivery, billing, ad creation, or any problem at all, the Facebook ad support team is right there to help you solve such problems.

Facebook advertiser support is available for you to register your complaints about Facebook advertising programs and help you use Facebook ads effectively.

How To Contact Facebook Advertiser Support 

Getting help from Facebook advertiser support is a totally good idea but most advertisers might probably be asking themselves this question “how do I contact Facebook for my ad problems?

Well, the good news is that we are right here to help you find out how.

1. Before considering contacting Facebook advertiser support you must first have an active ad account, an ad that you must have spent bills on. If you have an active ad account, you must have noticed the HELP button at the top right corner of your ad account page. This HELP button acts as a direct link to Facebook advertiser Support channels.

However, it now serves as a link to set up a call with a Facebook marketing expert. The Facebook marketing experts can help you answer important questions about your Facebook ad programs but if you need more help you will need to go to FACEBOOK BUSINESS RESOURCES webpage.

2. On the Facebook Business Resources webpage you can scroll down and find the ADDITIONAL SUPPORT, with two options you can choose from, you can either choose LIVE CHAT SUPPORT OR EMAIL SUPPORT.

You can send email messages concerning your ad problems from the EMAIL SUPPORT option to Facebook ad-support or you can decide to chat with the support team for five minutes live. Facebook live chats are only available during business hours (Mondays to Fridays 8-5 PST), so you have to bear this in mind when you want to chat them up.

3. If you don’t find the specific ad issue you are facing, you can pick a category or question related to the one you are looking for answers to. Facebook ads team will aid you to get the answers to questions about Facebook ad problems.

4. As an advertiser, you can contact Facebook for help on any aspect of Facebook advertising by visiting the Facebook Business resource page and filling out FACEBOOK’S CONTACT OUR SUPPORT TEAM FORM and you will be contacted by Facebook business in one business day.

Facebook support can help you in various aspects of Facebook ads like Billing and Payments, Creating Ads, Ads Performance and Delivery, Ad account Settings and Ads Management Tools, Instagram and Reporting, and Measuring Insights.

5. If you know any reliable Facebook ad community, you can visit it and find similar questions like yours and get to know answers to them.

However, getting help from the Facebook ad support team is probably the best way of getting authentic solutions to Facebook ad issues.

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