How can I Find a Friend on Facebook – How do You find Friends on Facebook


How can I Find a Friend on Facebook – How do You find Friends on Facebook: Are you a facebook user and looking for a way to connect with new friends on the giant social media platform but don’t really know how to go about that? See: how to delete facebook business page

If your answer is yes, here is a comprehensive guide on how to find friends on facebook.

Interestingly, this article will expose you to the steps you need to follow to easily search friends on facebook without stress. Continue reading below and please don’t hesitate to share this article with your friends and loved ones!!!

There are a number of options made available to you to find your friends when you create your facebook account. You can send a personal invitation to your friends who don’t have a facebook account to join facebook, and add you up as a friend.

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You can start interacting with your friends the moment you have them as friends through your facebook profile. You may be finding it difficult to find some users on facebook because they can’t be seen easily on facebook for some reasons; so In this article we will be dissecting how to find friends on facebook.

Finding Friend Through the Search Bar

  • On top left corner of your facebook home page, you will see a search bar.
  • The search bar was designed to help you search for a particular person, even if you don’t know their full name or their facebook name.
  • Type in the name of the person in the search bar, facebook will start suggesting a list of people as you type.
  • You can add some vital information along with their name if you are still finding it hard to find just by their name only.
  • Doing this will narrow down your result.
  • The suggestion facebook make when you search for a friend depends on the details you have on your facebook profile. The more details you have, the more facebook will fine tune their search.

You can also search your friends by typing their email address into the search bar. Facebook will show you their profile if the email address is associated with their account on facebook.

Finding Friends by Importing Email Contacts into Facebook

  • Click the “find friend” button a t the top right corner of any facebook page session. The page refreshes itself and shows you a list of friend suggestion base on the details you have on your facebook account.
  • Located at the right hand side of the find friend page is the “add personal contact” box.
  • The box should display the email associated with your facebook account currently.
  • Click on the box and follow the on-screen instruction given to you by facebook to import your contact from your email address (example:
  • If you are using Gmail, you will be asked to authenticate access to your Gmail account.
  • Click on “export” button and select contacts you want uploaded to facebook.
  • Facebook will make a list of friend suggestions from the list of the imported email addresses and names.
  • Search through the suggestions and click on their names to add them up as friends.

Finding Friends by Inviting Them to Facebook

  • If you can’t locate your friends through any of the method mentioned earlier, you can just simply invite them to facebook.
  • To do this, navigate to the “find friends” page and locate the “invite your friend” box under “add personal contact” box.
  • Enter your friend email address or phone number in the search box (you can add a comma after each phone number or email address to invite multiple people at once).
  • Hit “Enter” and facebook will send them a notification that you are inviting them to facebook.
  • Finally if all methods above did not work you can tell your friends in person to you as friends on facebook.

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