How To Access AT&T Reward Center – Easy Guide On How To Make Claims


att reward center – In today’s article, I’m going to teach you about AT&T reward center and how you can make your claim step by step.

For those that would want to know, let me stress here that AT&T is one of the most popular mobile telephone providers in the United State.

Data has it that AT&T is the second provider of mobile phones in the US and the 23rd largest company in the world.

Interestingly, this article is all about how to access AT&T reward center and the steps you need to follow to make your claims.

There are lots of services on AT&T. Offers on AT&T services and products range from mobile telephones, telecommunication and internet services, fixed-line services, broadband, landline services and much more.

AT&T has over 118 million customers globally and its biggest market is in the United States.

It is a very big cooperation with millions of loyal customers and they have a strategy of keeping their loyal customers and new customers by offering rewards to them.

If you’ve signup ATT account and become a customer you’re entitled to receive a reward from the company whenever you purchase any of AT&T products or make use of their services.

However, the majority of AT&T customers are not aware of how to retrieve these rewards.

If you’re in the categories of those customers, here is a post on how to retrieve your reward from AT&T step by step.

Easy Guide On Retrieve AT&T Reward From Reward Center
As an AT&T customer, you can access the AT&T reward center by visiting to redeem or claim your reward.

You will be notified by mail when you are eligible to receive reward and you will visit the reward center to claim that reward before the certain expiration time, up to 30 days mostly.

You should follow the following steps to retrieve your reward from AT&T reward center:

  • First of all, you’ll need to check your mail for a notification that you have received a reward from AT&T after you have purchased any of their products or services. The mail will indicate the time the reward will be available for you to retrieve it and will give you details on the procedure to follow.
  • Next, you’ll need to visit the AT&T reward center via
  • You then enter the claim number on the right side box provided as shown below with other details provided such as zip code, account number and click ok.
  • You will be directed to claim your reward and if you have already claimed your reward, you will be directed to reward tracker where you can track your reward and see the status of your reward.
  • You will receive a mail indicating you have claimed your reward and will be delivered within 4-6 weeks after you have completed your redemption process.

Perhaps you have any problem you can chat with the customer care agent online at the button at the top or call 1-800-288-9983 available Monday to Friday 7 am to 7 pm only.

That is it on How To Access AT&T Reward Center – Easy Guide On How To Make Claims.

I hope this article was helpful. Please share this article with your friends and loved ones.

Please share this article with your friends and loved ones!!!


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