How To Earn Bitcoin Via Facebook – Earn Bitcoins Public Group

Let’s quickly take a brief look at what we titled; How To Earn Bitcoin via Facebook – Earn Bitcoins Public Group.
Are you aware that you can Earn Bitcoin Using Facebook nowadays?
Of course, it is possible.

Bitcoin, which is a cryptocurrency – a digital currency, has been a usual business between a whole lot of people today.

Now, you should come to understand what Bitcoin is all about, before knowing how to earn in different ways including Facebook. 

As I earlier said, bitcoin is a digital currency. This means that it is a form of cash that is not physical. However, it can be used just like the real currency, but not all locations accept the use of this currency yet. You can buy and sell using Bitcoin.

You can also send and receive bitcoins too. To make use of bitcoin, you need to have a bitcoin wallet.

This bitcoin wallet is also digital and is used to store your bitcoins. With your bitcoin wallet, you can send and receive bitcoins too.

Now, here’s how you earn bitcoin. You can buy bitcoins, you can receive from others, and you can create too.

Earn Bitcoin Using Facebook And How It Works 

In the previous part of this article, I stated the ways you can earn bitcoin. You can buy, receive from others, receive bitcoin as a means of payment for purchases, and you can even create them too.

Now, let’s see how these two are connected. You should take note that Facebook does not own bitcoin, neither does bitcoin own Facebook.

Facebook does not sell these bitcoins by itself. Facebook is a platform filled with billions of users. It allows these users to get connected to new friends, keep in touch with old friends, get on with entertainment, news and updates, and lots more.

With its influence, so many businesses and individuals have seen it as a strong and reliable platform to market their products and services. Remember, you can earn bitcoin by buying from others, you can also buy on Facebook too!

So, you see how they are connected right? Facebook serves as a marketing hub where you can buy and sell various products and services.

So, this means you can also buy and sell bitcoins here too. That’s how you Earn Bitcoin Using Facebook.

How to Open a FB Account 

Having a Facebook account allows you to take part in all activities within the Facebook site. And you really want to get the Facebook marketplace to Earn Bitcoin Using Facebook, right?

It is easy. All you have to do is gain access to the Facebook site and get started. But, to do that, you will need your Facebook account.
1. Visit the Facebook site on
2. On the site, you will find the application page. Input your first name and last name.
3. Fill in your phone number or email address.
4. Fill in a password for the account.
5. Enter your date of birth.
6. Choose your gender.
7. Click on SIGN UP.

How to Earn Bitcoin Via FaceBook

Now, you have your Facebook account. You can now have access to the Facebook site, including the marketplaces where you can gain access to various products, including bitcoins.

Now, you have your account, what’s next?

Gaining access to Facebook groups or Facebook pages. These are the marketplaces where you can get connected to others and earn bitcoin by buying from others.

Earn Bitcoin Using Facebook Groups 

1. Log in to your Facebook account on
2. At the top of your homepage, type in Earn Bitcoin on Facebook in the search bar.
3. Above the search results given to you, click on Groups.
4. You will be given a list of groups where you can earn bitcoins from others.
5. Open a group and Join Group.

Once your request has been accepted, you will become a member of the group. Here in this group, you will find people who would want to sell bitcoin. Using comments and direct messages, you can be able to contact the seller.

Earn Bitcoins Using Facebook Pages 

1. On your Facebook account, search for Earn Bitcoin on Facebook.
2. Above the search results, click on Pages.
3. You will be a list of pages. Open a page, like, and follow the page.

This will help you get posts and updates from the page. From here, you will be able to find posts and updates about people offering sales for bitcoins. You can contact these sellers on Facebook.

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