How to See Archived Messages On Facebook Fast

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Archived Messages On Facebook – Here is a comprehensive guide on how to see archived messages on facebook step by step.

So if you’re in dire need of the process you need to find facebook archived messages, this article got you covered.

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How to See Archived Messages On Facebook Fast

If you have a lot of facebook friends, chances are that you’ll archive messages on Facebook if you don’t want to get them deleted.

This post will also show you how to delete facebook messages that you don’t want to archive.

Interestingly, how to view archived messages on Facebook is very simple and easy and this article will show you how to recover all archived facebook messages fast.

Before we shall take a look at how to view archived messages on Facebook, let’s first and foremost take a quick look at what archiving facebook messages is all about.

Interestingly, archiving messages on facebook or facebook messenger has to do with hiding from your general inbox.

Archiving Facebook messages is different than deleting messages or conversations.

This is because the process lets you save your conversations in a separate folder that can’t be easily accessed by people that do have access to your facebook’s inbox.

Archiving messages on Facebook is very simple and can be done as thus:

  1. Login Facebook
  2. Click on the messages icon at the top right corner of the facebook page
  3. Click on the see all in messenger
  4. Go to the conversation you wish to archive and hover your mouse on the profile of the person whose messages you want to archive
  5. Click on the three dots icon at the far right of their names
  6. Click archive and you’re done

That is how to archive messages on facebook.

Have archived facebook messages but know how to view archived messages on facebook?

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How to view archived messages on facebook

Although an archived conversation immediately reappears when the very same friend sends in a new message, you can open the archived conversation manually from the Archived folder by following the steps below:

From your opened Facebook account, click the ‘Messages’ label in the left pane of the homepage.
Next, click the ‘More menu’ above the conversation list in the left pane.
Select ‘Archived’ from the drop-down options.
You can now see all the archived conversation in the Archived folder that opens.

I hope that was easy and understandable, now we will reveal how you can locate archived Facebook messages on the Facebook corporate website directly and on mobile

How to find an archived message on Facebook Corporate website

To easily view an archived conversation on the Facebook full website directly, you must undergo the steps listed below:

Ensure you are signed in to your Facebook account
Navigate to
Click the ‘More‘ tab over the conversations, and after that click ‘Archived‘.
You will certainly see all the archived conversations on the page that loads. After that, you can simply go through the conversation and locate the message that you’re searching for.

How to View Archived Messages on a Smartphone

To get to your archived messages from the mobile version of Facebook messenger or your mobile web browser, either open up the Messages page or do the following:

Open Messenger and sign in to your Facebook account.
Tap the search bar at the top of the screen and type the name of the person you want to view messages for.
Select the friend whose messages you want to see from the search results page and after that, you’ll see all of the messages from that person.
If you’re using Facebook’s mobile site from your phone or tablet computer, you can’t explore the conversations themselves however you can search for a person’s name from the list of conversation threads. For instance, you could look up “Joshua” to locate archived messages to Joshua but you cannot look for specific words you and Joshua sent out each other.

Those are the easiest ways to archive Facebook messages and find an archived message on Facebook.

If you do not wish to archive Facebook messages and want to delete any message on Facebook, we will continue this guide with step by step procedure to delete Facebook messages.

How to Delete Facebook Messages

There is an inbuilt feature on Facebook which allows users to either erase a whole conversation or erase a specific message from within a conversation.

How to delete an entire conversation:

Ensure that you are properly signed-in to your Facebook account.
Click the ‘Messages’ label in the left pane of your profile’s homepage.
Next, from the shown conversations, click to open the one that you wish to delete.
Click the ‘Actions’ label on the top right corner of the opened conversation window in the right.
Select ‘Delete conversation’ from the drop-down options.
Click ‘Delete Conversation’ in the opened ‘Delete This Entire Conversation’ verification box.

How to delete a particular message from a conversation:

After signing-in to your Facebook account, click the ‘Messages’ label in the left pane of your profile’s homepage.
Next, from the opened Messages page, navigate to the left area, click to open the conversation from which you wish to delete the messages.
Click the ‘Actions’ label from the top-right corner of the message window on the right.
Select ‘Delete messages’ from the drop-down options.
Next, inspect the checkboxes, representing the messages that you wish to delete.
After selecting the message(s), click ‘Delete’ from the bottom-right corner of the message window.
On the shown ‘Delete These Messages’ verification box, click the ‘Delete Messages’ button to delete the selected messages.

Note: When you delete a discussion or its messages, the action can’t be reversed, and you can’t recover the messages. However, deleting a conversation or its messages from your Facebook account doesn’t remove them from the other party’s inbox.

Thus, rather than deleting your messages on Facebook, it is better you simply archive them and be certain they are somewhere and can be retrieved whenever needed.

That is it on How to See Archived Messages On Facebook. I hope this article on how to view archived messages on facebook.

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