How to Get Marketplace on Facebook – Facebook Trading Platform


How to Get Marketplace on Facebook – Facebook Trading Platform: Do you want to know how to get marketplace on Facebook? Or you want to know how to access the Facebook marketplace to be précised?

How to Get Marketplace on Facebook – Facebook Trading Platform

Then you will need to read this article and get the information fully. But first I am going to start with what the Facebook marketplace is.

The Facebook marketplace is where Facebook users can sell or buy something online on the Facebook platform. It is a place for buying and selling, as a store but owned online.

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Now you don’t need to go and rent a store for your product when you don’t have money. You can simply start your business with this Facebook marketplace.

There are people that are making use of this feature on Facebook, and they are benefitting from it.

So why don’t you give it a try and see what you are missing all along? But hope you are a Facebook user and you have an account on Facebook? Well if you don’t have an account on Facebook, that means you cannot make use or even access the Facebook platform. Once you become a Facebook user all Facebook features will be offered to you including this Facebook marketplace.

I will like to tell you how you can access this Facebook marketplace immediately, but before that, I need to make sure that you have been registered on the Facebook platform. So I will be telling you how you can easily get registered in no time.

How to Register On Facebook
Without wasting any more time I will like to tell you that registration is the same thing as signing up on Facebook, so don’t be confused. Now I will walk you through some very easy steps that will guarantee your registration a successful one. Read and follow the guidelines below;

To create a Facebook account, go to the Facebook website,
Now click the “create new account” link, then another page will now display.
Fill in your names, email or phone number, password, also your gender, then your date of birth.
When you are done, filling these details click the signup button below.
You will now receive a message from Facebook.
The message entails confirmation digits.
Now type in the confirmation digits in the confirmation box.
After that click the “continue” button.
This is how you can get registered on Facebook.

How to log in On Facebook
To login might become a problem at times for us users on Facebook. But don’t worry anymore because with these steps I am about to show you, you can get access to your Facebook account in a G.P.
To login open your app or go to the Facebook site.
The two boxes demand your email or phone number and also your password.
When you are done typing in your email or phone number and your password.
Click on the sign in or login button.
Then you will access your Facebook account.

How to Get Access to Facebook Marketplace
Getting access to the Facebook marketplace is very easy, but I will be giving you steps on how you can do it on Android, iPhone and your computer.

On Android and iPhone;
First thing, open the Facebook app and then log in to your Facebook account.
Now click the three lines icon below.
A menu full of options will appear.
Select or click “marketplace”.
The Facebook marketplace will now open.
When you want to sell tap the sell button at the top.
This is where you can choose a list of items you want to put on for sale.
But if you want to sell items, you can click on the shop button and items will be displayed.
To see your marketplace profile, click ‘you’.
This is how to access the Facebook marketplace on android.

On a desktop or computer;
First of all, just log in to your account.
After you have arrived on your home screen, click the marketplace link located beside your news feed.
Now the Facebook marketplace will be opened to you.
Click the search tab at the top to search for any items for sale.
To sell something, click on the “sell something” button and a dialog box will be displayed where you choose a list of items you want to put on sale.
You can scroll down and also explore your marketplace.

This is how you can access the Facebook marketplace through your computer.

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