How To Clear Snapchat Search History


Delete search history on snapchat – In this guide, I’m going to teach you all the steps you need to follow to delete a snapchat search history step by step.

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In fact, this article will show you how to hover about the snapchat platform on how to see search history on snapchat without stress.

Let’s get started!

To delete search history on snapchat you’ll need to first of all figure out how to see snapchat search history,

Fortunately, how to see search history on snapchat is very simple and easy.

However, before we shall proceed to the process involved in deleting your snapchat search histories, let’s take a brief look at some things you can do using snapchat.

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With a special feature on snapchat, you can turn day to night.

This snapchat feature gives your coworker a chipmunk voice. Create stickers out of your friends, or your dog!

Interestingly, with Snapchat, the world is your canvas — and you’ve got a lot of tools in your toolbox.

Snapchat opens right to the camera screen — so you can send friends a quick photo or video of what’s going on, without having to type out a whole message.

Sharing the moment is easy since your closest friends are always close at hand. Just tap who you’d like to send your photo or video to, and each person will receive it individually — without starting an awkward group text.

Snapchat texts sent in Chat are deleted, by default. But you can always save something important (or hilarious) with one tap, or a screenshot. When there’s a lot to say, you can even start a voice or video call with up to 15 friends!

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However, what if you want to delete your search history on snapchat, how will go about it?

How To delete your snapchat search history is one of the easiest things snapchatters can undertake on the social media platform.

Here is how to:

How To Clear Snapchat Search History

Bear in mind that clearing your snapchat Search History deletes all your past searches

However, when you delete your snapchat search histories, it will not keep future ones from being logged.

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You can always repeat the below steps to clear your Search History on snapchat anytime you’d like!

To clear your snapchat search history, do the following:

  1. From, enter your username or email address that is associated with the snapchat account and then click on the login button and you’ll be taken to your snapchat profile account
  2. Next, locate and tap the ⚙️ button in the Profile screen
  3. Now, click Settings from the dropdown menu
  4. You’ll need to scroll down the snapchat page and then locate and tap ‘Clear Search History’
  5. Finally, click ‘Okay’ to clear your snapchat Search History

That is how to successfully clear or remove your snapcat search history. It is as simple as that.

I hope How To Clear Snapchat Search History.

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