How To Verify Your Cellphone Number On Snapchat


Snapchat customer service phone number – When you signup a snapchat account, you’ll need to verify your phone number on the snapchat platform.

This snapchat post is all about how to verify your cellphone number on snapchat.

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So if you’re among the numerous snapchat users and want to figure out how to secure your account by verifying your phone number, this article got you covered.

Let’s get started!

How To Verify Your Cellphone Number On Snapchat

Snapchat – Interestingly, Snapchat has now become one of the most of the most popular social media applications with lots of users around the world.

Unarguably, snapchat is now the latest and one of the most trending application after Facebook and Instagram.

Snapchat is a new camera company that has invented a new funny and beautiful filter.

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It is an online camera platform that provides a great opportunity to not only beautify the images but also to connect with friends, loved ones and co-workers.

Unlike any other camera, this camera application requires username and password, etc to create the account and also connect with friends.

Thus, if you have changed your mobile number which may help you to know how to recover Snapchat password.

This post is all about how to verify your snapchat phone number.

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How To verify your snapchat number is very simple and easy.

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Let’s see how to below:

How Do I Verify My Snapchat Phone number?

To verify your snapchat phone number, do the following:

  1. First, you’ll need to login your snapchat account if you’ve not already done that. You can do that by entering in your browser and the hitting on the enter button. Next, enter your username or email address and password in the spaces provided. Lastly, click on the login button and you’ll be taken to your account
  2. Go to the top right corner of the snapchat page and click on the gear-shaped icon
  3. Next, click Settings
  4. Locate under the “my account” section of the page and you should see Mobile Number. Click on it.
  5. Now, you’ll need to type your cellphone number into the option that says, mobile number.
  6. Click on the Verify button and a verification code will be sent to your mobile phone
  7. Copy and enter the verification code in the space provided and click on the click on the Continue button

Note that you can also receive the snapchat verification code by a call. Yes! You can prompt that by clicking on the call med instead button and snapchat customer care agent will call and give you the verification code.

The above procedure showcases how to add and verify your snapchat phone number.

If however, you wish to change your snapchat number, you’ll need to click on the mobile number button under the “my account” option and then enter your new phone number in the space provided and then click on the change phone number option.

Snapchat will then send you a verification code. Enter the code in the space provided and then click on the continue button.

That is how to verify your snapchat number step by step.

Why Do You Need To Verify Your Snapchat Number?

It is vital your verify your snapchat mobile number for added security on the social media platform.

Interestingly, verifying your snapchat mobile number may uncover a special surprise too 😉

I hope How To Verify Your Cellphone Number On Snapchat was helpful.

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