How to check who stalks my facebook profile


Who stalks my facebook profile – In today’s post, I’m going to show you how to know who is stalking my Facebook profile step by step.

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In fact, this facebook article will expose to you the techniques I used to figure out who has been stalking my Facebook profile.

So if you’re in dire need of the steps you need to follow to figure out who has been stalking on your facebook profile lately, this article got you covered.

Let’s get started with how to check who stalks my facebook profile.

How to check who stalks my facebook profile

Facebook does not show its users people that have looked at their profile.

If you’re a social media platform veteran, you should agree with me that other social media does that.

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A platform like Linkedin notified you about people that have stalked on your profile.

Facebook for reasons best known to them chooses not to disclose that.

However, experts have figured out ways with which facebook users can use to find out people that have visited their facebook profile.

This facebook post is all about how to view people that have stalked on your facebook account while you’re away online.

Who Stalked On My Facebook Profile?

With the Facebook search features, people that want to befriend you on the giant social media platform, first of all, enter your name in the search section of the facebook page and search for you.

When they finally, see you, they either click on your facebook profile to access your Facebook timeline as well as your facebook newsfeed to figure out what you’re up to.

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Some will take another step of adding or sending you a friend request.

So merely, check on your facebook profile to see your daily activities on facebook.

Whereas others choose to follow you on facebook rather than becoming your facebook friends.

Interestingly, this post will show you how to figure out facebook users who may have been stalking on your facebook profile.

Easy Guide On How to View Facebook Stalkers
To find out your Facebook account stalker, you’ll need to follow the below steps:

1. First of all, you’ll need to enter in your browser and then go to the top right corner of the Facebook homepage and enter your login details. Finally, click on the login button to continue to your Facebook newsfeed.

2. Next, go to the top right corner of any facebook page and click on your profile name and right-click your name

3. Locate and click on the View page source option.

4. Now, find and press CTRL+F to open the search field where you will need to type IntialChatFriendsList, then press enter, you will see an orange color to the words that match your search.

How to check who stalks my facebook profile

5. On performing step 4 above, you should see a number pattern like “100001660062516-2”, these numbers simply represent your friends ID code as represented by Facebook. Now, you will need to choose and copy only the very first part like “100001660062516” without -2.

6. Now open the facebook user’s ID and enter and then paste the number you initially copied 100001660062516. It should now look like

7. Once you enter the above link in your browser, click on the enter button from the Keyboard and you should be taken to the facebook profile of someone who has stalked on your facebook profile.

To view other facebook users that have viewed your facebook profile, you’ll need to follow other numbers in your Facebook page source.

Another thing that is worthy of note here is that the order of the number indicates how often such facebook users visit your Facebook profile.

Interestingly, the first visits it the most, followed by the second and in that order.

That is it on How to check who stalks my facebook profile.

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