How do I unblock a friend on Facebook


How do I unblock a friend on Facebook: There may come a time when we all want to block somebody on Facebook. Maybe that person bothers us too often, posts improper things, or is just plain annoying. When that happens, you have the ability to block them. See: How to access facebook marketplace

How do I unblock a friend on Facebook

What some people might not know is that you can also unblock people. When someone is obstructed they become unfriended and they can not communicate with you in any way. See: How to make a payment on facebook

You will later decide that you just made a mistake and you want to unblock someone. Here’s how:

How to Unblock facebook friend

1) At the top right corner of your FB homepage, you will see an icon which looks like a padlock with three horizontal lines beside it. It is called privacy shortcuts. When you click it, a drop down list will appear.

Two) At the bottom of the list you will see a section titled ‘how do I stop somebody from bothering me?’ Click on it and the segment will expand.

3) close to the end of this section are the blue highlighted words ‘view all blocked users’ Click on it and a window will pop up.

4) This brand new window contains a list of everyone you’ve blocked from your accounts. Click that button to unblock that particular person. Afterward, a new window will pop up to be sure you’re sure of your choice.

Now that touch is unblocked and they’ll be free to get hold of you. You have to wait forty-eight hours before it’s possible to block them again.

Hopefully, you won’t have to. You have the right to protect yourself along with your social networking account.

Don’t feel bad about blocking somebody who’s truly bothering you. This is your account and you can block anyone that you would like out of it.

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