How To Merge Pages In Facebook


How To Merge Pages In Facebook: Do you have two facebook pages that are similar? If yes, are you looking for a guide on how to merge two pages on facebook? This facebook post is all about How To Merge Pages In Facebook fast and easy. See: facebook marketplace rules you need to know

So if you’re an admin of facebook pages that are closely related, you can choose to merge together. This post will show you how to get that done straight.

However, it is important to note here that you must be an admin before you can merge 2 pages on facebook.

Let’s get started with how to merge pages in facebook step by step.

How To Merge Pages In Facebook

Merge Pages In Facebook 

A few years ago I started believing long-lasting about my on-line objectives. After blogging, writing an e-book (reference link), meddling various other tasks and also dreaming about originalities, I decided to re-brand. 

I wished to create one Facebook Web page from which I could do everything rather than different Pages for every job. 

I knew among the greatest difficulties of a rebrand would be switching my Facebook Page from “Blogging with Amy” to Amy Lynn Andrews. I’ll simply claim, Facebook does not make this kind of thing super simple. 

Needs to merge Facebook Pages 

This circumstance is not mine alone. Many others have desired to merge their Facebook Pages. Here are a few of the reasons an online author may desire to do it. They:. 

* Landed a publication deal and required a writer page, and also really did not want it to be buried in their major blog site. 

* Began other projects that really did not have anything to do with their primary blog site or site. 

* Really felt like their major blog site had run its course, or they had wearied. 

* Became thinking about brand-new as well as various subjects they intended to check out. 

* Tackled extremely specialist functions and also their domain name really did not portray the professionalism and reliability they desired. 

* Realized their site name really did not precisely explain the kinds of visitors they were drawing in or wished to attract. 

* Were rueful they didn’t put extra thought into their name when they began. 

The quickest means to joined Facebook Pages.

That is it on How To Merge Pages In Facebook. 

I hope this article was helpful.

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