Facebook Storefront – How Do I Create a Facebook Store


Facebook Storefront – How Do I Create a Facebook Store: Are you in need of a facebook storefront for your shop? If your answer is yes, this is easy. If you already have one good for you but if you don’t have one yet, no need to worry.

Facebook Storefront – How Do I Create a Facebook Store

All you need to do is follow and do everything I am going to be giving out on this article.

Facebook is the hottest thing when it comes to social media platforms. Facebook is the largest and most visited social media platform in the world. It is not just the biggest in the world.

In all aspects where social media platforms are concerned facebook always gets the pole position.

The reason for this is not farfetched. Facebook has great features and functions to always keep users interested in the platform. With facebook, every user can do just anything they want, without ever having to leave the Facebook platform. Facebook users can now play games, push their business products and brands you can also send money via Facebook. You can also use Facebook to set up an online store.

All You Need to Know Of the Facebook Storefront
Are you a Facebook user and you still don’t know that you can buy and sell on facebook via your facebook page? Yes, you can. There is a Facebook feature that can be accessed via the facebook page and it’s called a Facebook store or facebook storefront. The facebook storefront and the facebook store is the same.

The facebook storefront is simply a page on facebook where facebook users can buy and sell directly on facebook. This feature is available to all facebook users. You can either choose to set up your Facebook store or you can choose to buy from a facebook store.

All you need to do is to create a facebook presence for your brand or product. And you can do this by creating a facebook page for your brand. If you know your business or brand does not have a facebook page you can create one now to be able to set up a facebook store.

How to Access the Facebook Storefront
Once you have created a facebook page or you already have a facebook page you can now proceed to create or set up a Facebook storefront. Follow the steps below to set up your own Facebook store or shop;

On your facebook page.
Click on the add section tab under the cover photo.
On the next page click on the add shop option.
Start editing your shop details like name and others.
set up your payment options
You can now start adding products to your store.
Set up your shipping details and your shop settings.
Manage orders.

Bear in mind that once you are done, you will need to click on the finish button. ‘

That’s all the steps you need to follow to successfully set up your Facebook store.

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