Facebook buy and sell group rules l Learning group language

Who poked me on Facebook 2024

Facebook group is one of the best features introduced by facebook to help its users connect with people of like minds or ideology.

Interestingly, just like facebook business pages, facebook groups can be used to buy and sell items on the giant social media platform free of charge. This article is all about facebook buy and sell group rules.

Interestingly, what this article hopes to point out is that, there are certain rules and regulations which everyone on Facebook buy and sell group must abide by before they can use the platform to advance the course of their online business.

Yes, Facebook has introduced new group modifications for both admin and members. This new Facebook group modifications, allow admin to set there own rules on what can be posted on their group. Unlike the previous ways it is been applied with members posting an unfiltered message, which could be harmful and misleading the general audience.

This New group modification is been created not to deprive or witch Hunt anyone. But to create and enable playing field ground for members to adhere strictly on the rules. In other words, to curb the access of some members, who may want to defraud another, and also to protect both buyer and seller on the group platform.

Facebook buy and selling group rules (learning process for beginners)
Once you join or get admitted to any group, you are already in a functional mini society. What you need to know first is how does the group function? What are the laid down set rules in other not to be evicted.

Study your audience
For a beginner, this is one technical area you need to study vehemently. This simply helps you to know your audience likes and dislikes, things that are not to be sold, and also what the audience may require.

Learning group language
For a newbie, don’t be those people who comment virtually on every abbreviated post you see on the group, in other to get an answer. Follow the acronym below to know their meaning.

• F – the commenter has being following the post

• PM’d – the poster has sent comment on a private message

• WTB – the poster has place a want on the item

• NIL – the commenter is next in line for the item

• BUMP – the person is making an effort to get his/her post to the top of the feed

• BNWT – brand new with tags.

Profile your Pics
This helps as a guide to censors your pix, Pics don’t lie. For instance if you are about to sell an item that has not been used, simply make sure you give a true picture of what you intend to sell and also let the item do the talking.

Respect the admin decision
A group without any policies will be harmful and malicious to both buyer and seller. This is why the activity of the admin is always needed to regulate the activities of its members. In other words, fail to abide according to his/her decision may lead to eviction from the group.

Finally, there are some prohibited items that will not be allowed on Facebook group/marketplace Platform. To know more about some of the intellectual property right that is not permitted. Visit facebook community standard www.facebook.com/policies/ads

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