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All About Facebook Yearbook – Facebook Year in Review Book | Photo Books on Facebook: Facebook is a very popular social media that was created for the primary reason for communicating with friends and family both near-distant for free. But as time went on, it upgraded and began to add some certain features.

Now Facebook is a multipurpose social media platform that can be used for almost anything and the best part still remains that most of these added features of Facebook, while they are charged for by other platforms, Facebook offers them for free. Today we shall be discussing some of the features of Facebook and Facebook yearbook.

Before proceeding to talk about Facebook yearbook, there are some certain features of Facebook we will like to point out and how they can be of use to people in that line. Now, for a businessman or any public figure at all or a brand, Facebook page can be used to advertise and reach out to customers or fans within a very short period of time, these same categories of people can also find Facebook ads manager very useful as it will serve as an advertising agency to publicize and broadcast their products and brands across a lot of online platforms.

Apart from the fun part of Facebook that we are all used to, Facebook can also serve as a platform to find and meet your soulmate with the use of Facebook dating features or Facebook dating groups.

Facebook can also serve as an e-commerce platform where buying and selling take place in both large and small scale, to do this, you must be on Facebook marketplace, Facebook online stores or shops or Facebook buy and sell groups. Now that you are more enlightened about Facebook and the services it offers, let’s talk about Facebook yearbook.

How To Print Facebook Yearbook
Your Facebook yearbook contains images of you, both the ones posted by you and the ones you were tagged for the current year. You can print these images to have the joy and experience in an offline and physical copy. To print the Facebook yearbook, follow the steps below.

  • Connect your device to the internet.
  • Launch any web browser on your device.
  • Search
  • From the main menu, click create then Facebook book.
  • Click on the Facebook album then click the button that says select your Facebook album.
  • Select an album from your Facebook albums then create.

That’s all and you will have your Facebook yearbook compiled in an album, two photos per page and you can print whenever you feel like.

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