How to Use Facebook without Data Connection – Setting Up Facebook Free Mode


How to Use Facebook without Data Connection – Setting Up Facebook Free Mode: This tutorial teaches you how to use facebook to connect with your friends and loved ones without data or internet connection.

So if you are here because you are looking for a guide on how to set up facebook free mode and use it with connecting to an internet source, this article has gotten you covered. Continue reading below and please don’t hesitate to share it with your friends and loved ones.

Facebook Free Mode is one mode on Facebook which allows you to use the platform without any charge on Data or Internet Bandwidth. Most of the time, one reason why people don’t have access to the internet is because of the charges placed on data (Bandwidth). This doesn’t make people happy especially when they need to do something online. That’s why this content is for the Facebook Free Mode Settings.

Facebook as a platform is free for everyone to use but telecommunication companies are the ones who place these charges on internet bandwidth. The charges vary from country to country. Facebook for one is very effective when it comes to creating room for communication. Communication is the key to controlling a rising world.

When a communication vacuum is denied individuals, it becomes a problem. FB decided to fix this problem by introducing the Facebook Free Mode for all users.

It is right to give them credit for always making efforts to help users all over the world use their platform no matter the circumstance. This is the major secret behind Facebook’s growth and success. People will always go for the most affordable and reliable no matter what.

Facebook Free Mode Settings
There are two kinds of modes on Facebook and they are:

  • Data Mode and
  • Free Mode

The Data Mode grants the user access to Facebook with all the features in place. That is, you can explore everything on the Facebook platform. Data Mode is great just that, there is a charge on internet bandwidth.

Facebook Free Mode, on the other hand, is effective for messaging and notifications. When using the Free Mode, you are denied access to all media present on the platform.

Switching between these two is only possible if you are making use of the Facebook App on your device (Android or IOS). To make a switch from Data Mode to Free Mode, simply scroll to the top of your Facebook Page after login.

You will see a pink box with the inscription “Go to Free”. Just click on it and the change is made. To go back to the Data Mode, just follow the same process. This is what you need to know about the Facebook Free Mode Settings and how it works.

That is it on How to Use Facebook without Data Connection – Setting Up Facebook Free Mode.

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