search old facebook posts keyword

search old facebook posts keyword

At Last: You Can Now Search Your Old Facebook Posts

Facebook users can now search through their older posts, photographs, and videos using a new function.

Oh oh, Bryan must have deleted the incredibly amusing dog video he shared on my Facebook wall in October. If only there was a way to look through all of my previous posts. Disgruntled Facebook users need not worry; Facebook is currently rolling out this feature on iOS and the web.

You can choose whether to search posts, persons, or photographs among other options to the right of the search area at the top of the app or website. Enter a search word you recall from the article (such as “funny dog”), and it will return items that are similar. Posts will be placed at the bottom of search results with a magnifying glass symbol to the left if you search without specifying the type of result you’re looking for.

A few of reminders: Because results aren’t shown in chronological order, you might need to browse to find the post you’re searching for. And a shorter query with only a few keywords will probably yield better results than one with more specific and detailed information.

Users are still receiving updates for this new Graph Search feature. Once you have it, a notification notifying you of the option to search through posts will appear below the search area. Additionally, it doesn’t appear to be accessible on Android yet.

Facebook recently implemented a feature called Bookmark that allows users to save links for later. This only applies to postings that include links, so it won’t help you if you’re looking for anything that was posted a while ago. However, you might use search to identify an old link you don’t want to forget about and then Save it so it’s easily saved for future visits.

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