How To Find Facebook Online Marketing – Facebook Marketplace


How To Find Facebook Online Marketing – Facebook Marketplace: Facebook online marketing is a way of purchasing and distributing products or services online with the Facebook marketplace.

How To Find Facebook Online Marketing – Facebook Marketplace

Through Facebook, you can reach all the people that are interested in the product you are selling.

What is Facebook?
Facebook is an online social media platform where different people can share and connect with each other.

You can share your images and videos for others to view and like or post comments.

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Play games and also compete with friends on the Facebook gameroom app.

You can buy and sell locally on the Facebook marketplace in-built app. Watch short interesting video clips on your newsfeed or a friend’s timeline. Creating a Facebook account is very simple. Facebook is free for everyone to use and explore.

How to Sign up for a Facebook account
If you want to have an online store with Facebook then you need a Facebook account to use or enjoy all the benefits on the Facebook platform. Follow the guidelines below:

Launch the Facebook mobile app or go to the Facebook official website at
Fill in your first name, surname, your email address or mobile number and create a password for your account on the sign up form.
Select your birthday and indicate your gender by clicking on it (male or female).
Then tap on the “Sign up” tab.
Wait for a verification text or mail to be sent to you. Type in the code on the text field provided on the Facebook page or click the link on the mail sent.

Sign in for Facebook
Already have an account? You can log in through the Facebook mobile app or the official Facebook website at and Follow the steps below;

Enter your login details on the text boxes; your email address or phone number and password.
Then tap on “Log in”.
The Facebook account will load on the Facebook platform if the login details are correct. You can click on forgot password to reset it if you don’t remember the account password.

How to Create a Business page
To create a Facebook business page, follow the instructions below;

Log on to your Facebook page and navigate to “create a page”.
Select the page category.
Then the business information; Page name and Category. Then click on “Continue”.
Upload a profile photograph and a cover image.

Once the page is created, you start by inviting friends to like your new page, edit the additional business details or information.

How to promote your business online
You can promote your Facebook business page by doing the things listed below;

Create a Facebook business page. If you already have, then this option is not needed.
Post on the page regularly.
You can promote your business page.
Engage and interact with your followers.
Create Facebook Ads.

How to find and Join marketing groups
You can join a Facebook business group for your products to be distributed. Follow the steps below;

Log in to your Facebook account and click on the groups tab on the left side of your Facebook page.
Hit on the “Groups” button, you will be directed to “Discover groups” page. There will be a list of suggested groups for you depending on the pages you like on your account.
You can also use the search box to find any Marketing group of your choice.
Tap on a group to know more about the group by reading the group description. Both public and closed groups.
Once you see a group you will like to join, click on the “Join” tab.

That is it on How To Find Facebook Online Marketing – Facebook Marketplace.

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