Easy Guide On How To Hide A Friend On Facebook


Easy Guide On How To Hide A Friend On Facebook: Facebook by default set your friends list to the public which means that both your friends and non-friends on facebook can see them whenever they visit your facebook page. See: How to delete your facebook account permanently

However, if you don’t want people on facebook to see your friend list, you can choose to hide it. 

Easy Guide On How To Hide A Friend On Facebook

This post is all about how to hide a friend on facebook step by step. So if you’re in dire need of the tutorials for hiding friends on facebook, this article got you covered.

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Let’s get started without wasting time.

How To Hide A Friend On Facebook Desktop Web Browser Actions 

1. Log into your FB account.

2. Navigate to your Account.

3. Click “Friends” option (under Profile header) which will reveal your friend list.

4. Click the pencil symbol on the top right corner.

5. Select “Edit privacy” choice.

6. Open up the drop-down list besides the “Who can see your friends list” choice.

7. Select the alternative based on your wish. In this instance, I’m choosing the choice “Just Me”.

8. The “Only Me” alternative makes the friend list completely hidden from others. The “Friends” choice makes it visible to your close friends just. By using the “Custom” alternative, you could set personalized privacy for your friend list.

Easy Guide On How To Hide A Friend On Facebook

9. When you select the alternative, click “Done” button. That’s it. Your friend list in your FB account is effectively concealed from others. 

Mobile Internet Internet Browser Actions 

1. Login to the FB account from your mobile web browser. 

2. Click the menu choice on the top right. 

3. Click on the profile picture. 

4. Click on Friends choice. 

5. Besides “Friends”, you could see the “Public”. 

6. Click on “Public” option. 

7. Now, a popup opens. Click on “more”. In the “Who should see this”, select “only me” option.

Easy Guide On How To Hide A Friend On Facebook

In the Mobile web browser, there is no “Custom” option. If you want that option, you have to do this job in the Desktop web internet browser. 

That is it on Easy Guide On How To Hide A Friend On Facebook.  

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