How Do I Block My Friends List On Facebook With Zero Stress


How Do I Block My Friends List On Facebook With Zero Stress: If you are a facebook veteran, you will agree with me that the giant social media platform, facebook doesn’t play with its privacy. See: Facebook marketplace

How Do I Block My Friends List On Facebook With Zero Stress

However, recently FB implemented a lot of new settings for maintaining a user’s privacy.

Now, a user has control over almost everything in their profile (e.g. status, photos, albums etc). The user also has the control of how they want to share material (e.g. with everyone, friends, friends of friends, etc). Users can even manually hide a status from specific people.

Hiding My Friends List On Facebook
Did you know that you can even hide your friend list? It’s true.

If you don’t want strangers to see your friend list, then you can just hide it from them. It’s very easy. You can use the enhanced Facebook privacy settings to modify your friend list’s visibility.

One thing which I have noticed when you keep your friend list public is that many people see that list and start adding friends blindly.

And seeing common friends, other friends usually accept the friend request. It’s kind of embarrassing when your female friend informs you that some mutual friend of yours has sent her a friend request.

It’s better to let your friend list be visible only to you and hidden from others.

This guide has been updated to match the new Facebook privacy settings, as Facebook made some major changes recently. So, follow this new tutorial and hide your Facebook friend list from others:

Login to your Facebook account
Go to your Profile page
Click on Friends

Now, on your Facebook friend list page, simply click on the “Manage” icon at the top right & click on “Edit Privacy”.

From here you can control who can see your friend list and who can’t. I usually keep it visible to me only, as this is better for the privacy of my friends because I don’t want them to be bombarded with unlimited friend requests.

Check out this screenshot for better understanding:

If you don’t want anyone to see your Facebook friend list, keep the “Who can see your friend list” setting to “Only Me”.

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(Keeping your Facebook friend list visible for others is totally your choice, but my suggestion would be to keep it hidden for the privacy of your friends.)

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