Does Messi Speak English

Does Messi Speak English

Does messi know how to speak good english?

My younger brother once asked me this question. LOL. I replied ‘no’ and he said, “So, Ronaldo understands and speaks good English while Messi cannot? That means CR7 is the goat”. You cannot imagine the laughter I had that night as I was shocked in reaction to what he said. Really? If this question is asked on the basis of determining who the best player is, then it is a very dumb thing to ask.

Messi is an Argentine and plays football in a Spanish league. He plays champions league games once in a while in England. Why not ask if Neymar can speak English or Pele, Maradona, Ronaldinho and so on if this question isn’t so creepy? Nonetheless, Messi understands the language and I’ve seen many occasions when he’s been interviewed and he answers them in Spanish.

Ronaldo on the other side is a Portuguese and has played in England, Spain and currently Italy and it wouldn’t be a surprise if he understands four or more languages but it still doesn’t mean he’s better than Messi if that’s what this question is about.

No offence tho!

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